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Our champions are those individuals that work alongside us as volunteers and as advocates to help us leverage resources, keep momentum, and raise the profile for the policies and the people that need support. Their dedication to raising their voices for a world without extreme poverty inspires us and drives our efforts to continue to make meaningful impact.

champion stories

Tina Campbell: advisor, advocate & TB champion

Tina Campbell is a Tuberculosis Program Advisor with the Northern Inter-Tribal Health Authority and co-chair of Stop TB Canada where she takes pride in being able to use her voice to advocate for her community and for the elimination of TB everywhere.

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Happy National Volunteer Week!

April 2022 - Every week of the year, but particularly this week, it’s time to celebrate and thank our passionate and committed volunteers who give time and energy in support of an end to extreme poverty globally - we are so grateful for each and every one of you.

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Volunteers Amal and Anjali lead innovative hackathon

January 2022 - Following the Nutrition for Growth Summit in December 2021, co-leaders for Results Canada's Online Group, Amal and Anjali, hosted the first-ever Resultsathon on December 11-12! The volunteer-led hackathon event provided a unique problem-solving opportunity for volunteers to share and broaden their knowledge of advocacy work by creating innovative solutions to address the global challenges of malnutrition. 

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Dr. Françoise Bigirimana, Medical Officer – Regional Office for Africa, World Health Organization (WHO AFRO)

July 2021 - When asked what Canada should do in its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Françoise Bigirimana draws on her experience working with HIV: “The current context of the COVID-19 vaccine brings me back to the mid-1990s when HIV treatment was effective in Europe and North America, but there was no capacity for it in low-income countries. It was so sad to see a huge number of people dying in my country (Burundi). The inequity to treatment was so high, despite the virus having no border.”

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Our volunteers are hardworking individuals dedicated to ending extreme poverty and are the inspiration that has created Results’ impact for more than 35 years! All across Canada, these empowered individuals volunteer their time and take action to influence Canadian government decision makers to improve policies, create better programs and increase resources to end extreme poverty.

advocates with lived experience

We partner with people from around the world that have overcome infectious diseases, gender discrimination, and economic disparity. They use their life-changing experience to bring awareness to the global systems, systemic inequalities, and behavioural stigmas that prevent people from getting the care and attention that they need to survive and thrive.


As a nonprofit organization that is independent of any government funding, Results Canada relies on the generosity of donors to drive impactful campaigns to improve the health, education, and economic opportunity of those living in extreme poverty. Our donors help provide the resources needed to support our work so that key decision makers take notice and collaborate with us to make an impact and save lives. Become a donor today.


Members are individuals who want to actively contribute to and participate in the governance of Results Canada. They play an active role in shaping our strategies, tactics and areas of focus by participating as voting members in Results Canada's AGM and in members meetings, alongside engaging with Results activities throughout the year. Become a member.

decision makers

We collaborate with many federal government decision makers (Members of Parliament (MPs), Ministers, Senators) who are working hard for the best interests of their constituents - those Canadian citizens that live, work and play in their riding - and genuinely care about the issues that are of most concern to them.

These MPs meet and correspond with Results staff and volunteers to listen to the issues that affect people living in poverty, and are supportive about the solutions required that will make the most impact. With them, we create meaningful change within the Canadian government by raising awareness on Parliament Hill, forging global partnerships, and creating networks and connections with other leaders and decision makers.

See all the latest actions with our MPs across Canada here.

Are you a federal government decision maker that wants to learn more? Contact us.

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