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Chris Dendys

Executive Director – on leave

about Chris

Results has shown me that a world free of poverty is possible and it’s inspired me to see that even as an individual, I can be part of big change and that I can impact lives. I have a view of the world in which I believe that people are fundamentally good. When you have that outlook it’s easy then to view the world with compassion, empathy and hope.

One of the more powerful moments in my time with Results was when there was a danger of our losing funding for tuberculosis. One of our volunteers who had never written a Letter to the Editor before, pushed herself to learn about the issues and sent her letter to her local newspaper and it got published. The next day, the Minister for International Development responded to her letter and the funding cuts that we knew were going to happen, did not happen. I felt like that volunteer changed the world that day.

Taryn Russell

Interim Executive Director

about Taryn

I believe that advocacy is one of the most important tools anyone can use to change systems that perpetuate inequities in the world, including poverty. I feel like my work at Results is a powerful way I can contribute to an end to extreme poverty. I love getting to meet so many interesting and passionate people in my work. From our volunteers to parliamentarians and partners around the world – there is always the opportunity for interesting conversations about the issues people care about most. Now more than ever we need to engage more Canadians in the fight for a more just future.

Outside of my work on global justice issues I’m a huge animal lover! I lend support to animal rescue organizations and animal rights charities in my spare time. I am also a long-time vegetarian and have my own rescue mutt named Diego who always keeps me active and entertained.

Lindsay Sheridan

Advocacy Manager

about Lindsay

My work at Results Canada has taught me the importance of remaining hopeful and optimistic in an evolving and expanding global world, while allowing me to experience the impact and power of a group of individuals working towards a common goal. Every day I come into the office and learn of a new action taken by a colleague, volunteer, or Parliamentarian that moves us one step closer to achieving our ultimate goal of ending extreme poverty.

Through my position as Advocacy Manager I have the opportunity to engage with Members of Parliament and Senators on important global health issues, and create an ongoing platform for advocacy, awareness and action. I’m able to witness the importance of our constantly growing volunteer network and the essential role they play in the political sphere. Our volunteers are everyday people that convey the importance of global health to their respective Members of Parliament, leading ultimately to action and real change.

Ekatha Ann John

Policy and Advocacy Manager - Global Health

about Ekatha

A world free of poverty is possible – this optimism is what drew me to Results Canada. The people I meet, the actions I see, and the conversations I’m a part of everyday fuel the fire in me to keep fighting for impact. Our team does not believe in saviours, only strong advocates and the power of collective action. This belief, coupled with our unwavering commitment to take action in everyday life, is what makes Results Canada exemplar.

In 2010, I volunteered with a humanitarian organization in India to advocate for the rights of Sri Lankan refugees. I was introduced to concepts like anti-oppression and the power of bringing voices from the community to the decision-making table. It also taught me to analyze and critically evaluate ideas, arguments, and points of view – a skill that has helped me build allies and make lifelong friends who empower me in my journey as an advocate of social justice and health equity.

Gabriel Cassie

Parliamentary Affairs Manager

about Gabriel

I’ve always believed that the small acts of ordinary people are what propels change forward. Working at Results has only reinforced this belief. I’ve seen how the actions of Results’ volunteers bring us closer to ending extreme poverty around the globe. Their actions draw attention to global issues, hold politicians accountable, and challenge parliamentarians to be true champions of international development.

Results’ mission is to “generate the political will to end extreme poverty.” Our organization recognizes that poverty is fundamentally a political issue that requires political action to solve. There’s no magic solution to poverty, but our advocacy can catalyze action to make our world a better place. I am thankful that, in my role as Parliamentary Affairs Manager, I can play a part in that.

Denise MacDonald

Communications Manager

about Denise

I am passionate about social justice and using communications to provide a platform for marginalized voices, fight injustice, and offer real solutions. That's why I'm so excited to work at Results Canada, where I can apply my skills to reach these goals.

Everyday, I work on being a more compassionate person to others (and myself!). My past volunteer and work experiences have provided me with opportunities to learn and apply compassion in marginalized communities. As a volunteer literacy tutor for inmates and staff at an inner-city women's centre, I learned so much from the program participants who challenged my assumptions and taught me what real inclusivity can look like.

So far, my favourite part of working at Results is the people. I'm so inspired by my colleagues and also the volunteers who are incredible and dedicated advocates. I look forward to continually learning from them.

Safia Ibrahim

Public Engagement Manager

about Safia

When ordinary people unite for a common goal, the outcome is remarkable. Each volunteer at Results Canada is a firm believer that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, should have access to adequate food and nutrition, healthcare, and education. What sets Results Canada apart is its commitment and dedication to help their volunteers succeed by providing the tools and support needed to address the inequalities in our world through action and real change. I’m excited and honoured to be doing this work.

As a volunteer, I use my lived experience to vigorously advocate for all children. As a polio survivor who lives in Canada, I know there are children who will not be as fortunate as I was. Children who will not have access to healthcare and education will be robbed of their childhood. I like to see myself as that voice I needed to advocate on my behalf when I was a little girl who was not given the same opportunities as the other children in my neighbourhood.

My favourite memory as a Results Canada volunteer was in 2020, when Canada announced it would pledge $600 million to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and $47.5 million to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative after we tirelessly wrote letters, emailed, and called on our elected officials to invest in vaccines for children everywhere.

Gordon Mair

Finance and Administration Manager

about Gordon

“If you’re not part of the solution, then you’re a part of the problem.” I have a long history of working with compassionate organizations that are striving to improve the quality of life of our fellow human beings…the North-South Institute, CARE International, Sierra Club Canada, and Amnesty International, and it seemed like a natural progression to join Results Canada.

My most memorable and inspiring experience to date was when I was working as the Assistant Country Director of the CARE mission in Lusaka, Zambia when, because of the damage done by climate change, the mission was tasked with establishing a network to distribute food which was provided through the World Food Program of the UN to starving villagers in Zambia’s Southern Province. This was truly a life-changing experience.

So far, the most exciting things about working at Results Canada are 1) the fulfilling mandate of the organization and the fact that there is a real opportunity for each of us to make a difference in the world, and 2) the enjoyable work environment created by the wonderful people who work for the organization.

Leigh Raithby

Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer

about Leigh

As an advocate for health equity and social justice, Results Canada immediately felt like a perfect match for me. With a staff of passionate and intelligent advocates and the support of international partners and volunteers from across Canada, Results has reinforced my confidence in the ability to make a meaningful difference and end extreme poverty. There is a tremendous sense of community at Results, which inspires me to use my voice while amplifying the voices of those around me. I strive to lead with compassion in every aspect of my life, as I believe with compassion we can better connect with others and the world around us.

My most inspiring volunteer experience was working as a Recreational Art Therapy Volunteer at my local rehabilitation hospital. I would visit with the residents and engage in visual art activities with them, which offered an escape from their current reality and provided some much-appreciated social support. This volunteer position solidified my desire to use my abilities to help improve the quality of life of others.

Dominique Denoncourt

Policy and Advocacy Officer

about Dominique

Working here makes me happy because I feel empowered by living by my values and renewing my commitment to my ideals every day. Results Canada's mission appealed to me because, by focusing on public engagement and a positive approach to change, it also contributes to strengthening participatory democracy and global citizenship.

In 2022, I had the opportunity to support the work of a women's rights organization in Burkina Faso. This was one of my most significant volunteering experiences, as it enabled me, after my studies, to see how theory applies in reality - or doesn't - and to reflect on the contribution I could make in the international cooperation sector. During this mandate, I was able to deepen my understanding of the challenges faced by our partners in the Global South, both in terms of access to resources and advocacy. It was therefore important for me to evolve in an environment that is willing to act against inequalities, while transforming the practices of international cooperation.

Alif Chowdhury

Communications Officer

about Alif

During an exchange year, I spent some time volunteering at a long-term care centre in Kailua-Kona, a small town in Hawaii. I whiled away many an afternoon talking to residents and reminiscing lives lived over half-finished jigsaw puzzles. While the stories took me all over the world - places I've never been before and across the spectrum of human connections - they also brought me back to my home country of Bangladesh where one of the residents had shared tea with the locals.

I strongly believe that we are more connected to global systems and the people around us than we can imagine, and building on these connections is key in collaborating for a better future. This is what led me to Results. With vastly different life experiences, our staff and volunteers are all tied together by the causes they care about and the spark to create the change they want to see – this is a place where I can grow and do my part to change the world.

Yasmine Hadid

Public Engagement Officer

about Yasmine

As someone who believes that young people are the key to change, the trust that Results places in our voices is awe-inspiring! Knowing that our engagement is valued creates an ideal environment for advocacy, in my opinion. Showing compassion means recognizing that lived-in experience can exist in advocacy. Encouraging people with lived experience to take action in projects, campaigns, and coalitions are key in creating impact for policy changes.

Being a student volunteer at Ecology Ottawa grew my confidence when it came to advocating for environmental change in the city! In the summer of 2023, I led a delegation in front of the Transportation Committee, where I explained to ministers and citizens alike that city terrain needs protection and constant maintenance.

Collaboration is the most exciting aspect of our work, and I find it essential to fostering connections to our volunteers. The team at Results chooses to lead with drive, enthusiasm, and curiosity, which motivates and inspires our volunteers to pave the way for change and innovation in global health equity.

Reid Drolet

Finance and Administration Assistant

about Reid

I was drawn to Results’ history of advocacy and their ability to create positive social change. I have always wanted my work to be more impactful than just generating a profit, I am now supporting a great organization and feel I am making a meaningful contribution. Results has provided me with the opportunity to work with a fantastic group of like-minded and hard-working individuals. It is motivating to know that everyday my work goes to supporting colleagues who are actively making a difference in the world.

Sports have held a prominent role in my life, whether that be hockey or lacrosse, I have consistently been involved in sport. It brought me immense joy as a volunteer lacrosse coach for my former high school and local lacrosse teams, as I was able to help grow the wonderful Indigenous and national game of Canada.

Compassion, particularly as a global citizen, means constantly educating oneself on the challenges our world faces today and understanding how these challenges affect the lives of real people. By continuing to learn and grow, it helps the pursuit of making the world better.

My favourite thing about working at Results is being able to start every day with this sense that we can make a difference, and that there’s space for big impact.

- Chris, Executive Director, Results Canada


Meet Yasmine - our Public Engagement Officer!

"Our volunteers have their own way of taking action, and seeing their enthusiasm and openness to learning how they can develop their advocacy skills is incredibly motivating! "
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Salut! I’m Yasmine, a recent addition to the team as a Public Engagement Officer. I’m having the best time getting to know the lovely folks at Results!

Although I have (so far) spent my adult life in Ottawa, I am originally from Toronto, and yes, before you even ask, I mean, Toronto-Toronto!

As a recent graduate at uOttawa, in Environmental Economics and Public Policy, I spent my final years of undergrad thinking about what post-graduate life would be, and how I can make my mark on campus. This encouraged me to become a Green Rep, which allowed me to contribute to sustainable practices and engagement on campus.

After many co-op terms in the Public Service, I find myself in the advocacy space at Results Canada, and I am loving it! Every day truly is unique, but the thorough line of my work is supporting our volunteers and coordinating public engagement opportunities!

It has been really inspiring to learn from them and get to know the volunteers that have been involved with us for an extended period of time! Our volunteers have their own way of taking action, and seeing their enthusiasm and openness to learning how they can develop their advocacy skills is incredibly motivating! 

As for my rest and recreation, I’m a bit of a cinephile, and love going with/dragging my friends to the movies whenever I get the chance! My favourite activity to do with my family is travel; I’ve visited 10 countries with my parents!


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