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Hanna Belayneh

Policy and Advocacy Officer

about Hanna

One of the aspects that drew me to working for Results Canada is I love how the organization defines itself as an “honest broker”: putting the pursuit of impact ahead of ego or organizational posturing. I think this is such a rare quality in international development! People don’t just “work” at Results – they are on a mission to change the world, one action at a time. I love the passion every single one of us put behind our work.

Compassion is an important part of my daily life as I believe we are all interconnected. I try to pay attention, listen, and provide support when I can. One of my most memorable volunteer experiences was with an organization called Nutrition for Education and Development in Ethiopia. I learned a great deal about involving communities in the design and implementation of activities.

Neha Beri

Parliamentary Affairs Manager

about Neha

My favourite thing about working at Results is the relationships you build - with Members of Parliament (MPs), our volunteers, staff, and like-minded individuals which creates a sense of community like no other. I feel I can use my many years of experience on Parliament Hill for the greater good in the world. It’s helped me build relationships with MPs from all parties to take action to show that our work is not a partisan issue. Results has taught me it’s never over ‘til it’s over, that the political will is the only way to see progress, and that better is always possible.

My most inspiring volunteer experience was when I was working with the City of Ottawa with this youth group. We would drive up to parks to talk to teens about the things they’re going through and letting them know what resources were available. It was a great way for me to connect with the community, be a leader, and help show them that they’re not alone in the struggles that they faced.

Chris Dendys

Executive Director

about Chris

Results has shown me that a world free of poverty is possible and it’s inspired me to see that even as an individual, I can be part of big change and that I can impact lives. I have a view of the world in which I believe that people are fundamentally good. When you have that outlook it’s easy then to view the world with compassion, empathy and hope.

One of the more powerful moments in my time with Results was when there was a danger of our losing funding for tuberculosis. One of our volunteers who had never written a Letter to the Editor before, pushed herself to learn about the issues and sent her letter to her local newspaper and it got published. The next day, the Minister for International Development responded to her letter and the funding cuts that we knew were going to happen, did not happen. I felt like that volunteer changed the world that day.

Camille Dibbs

Public Engagement Officer

about Camille

I have a passion for advocacy, public policy, civic engagement, and maintaining a strong civil society, so Results was a natural fit for me. I find it so inspiring to see that so many people donate their time to be a part of this movement. It’s incredible that people are putting themselves out there in the media and talking to their MPs to advocate for what they believe in, and that they believe in being involved as good global citizens.

My first formal volunteering experience in advocacy was when I was a very young teen; my friends and I printed out petition pages asking PM Harper not to withdraw Canada form the Kyoto Protocol. When we weren’t set up at a table at the cafeteria, I would whip out those pages every chance I got!

Brier Gyles

Communications Officer

about Brier

Results has empowered me to step out of my comfort zone, speak up for those who cannot, and take action to end extreme poverty. My favourite thing about Results is getting to work with a passionate and like-minded group of people dedicated to making the world a better place. As an international development student, I aspire to improve the lives of others and Results has shown me how easy it can be to make a difference from within my own city.

My most inspiring volunteer experience was when I was living in Belgium. I spent Christmas Day preparing and serving food to homeless people and refugees in Brussels. We chatted with people from many different backgrounds, handed out gifts, and played tag with the children. On a day that I had previously set aside for family, it was really great to meet new people and give my time to the community.

Laura Kelly

Communications Lead

about Laura

Being at Results Canada, I have learned that people truly can come together from across Canada and make a great impact while working toward the common goal to end extreme poverty. As the Communications Coordinator, I am a part of the launch for each monthly campaign, including sharing it on social media. Each month it is motivating to see the actions Results community members are taking on issues that matter to them. It's amazing to be part of such a connected national advocacy team.

My most inspiring volunteer experience was when I volunteered with a local grassroots group of women that raised money and goods to donate to women’s centres throughout the Ottawa area. We delivered everything on Galentine’s Day, February 13, to give those visiting the centres a special treat on a day dedicated to celebrating the friendships and connections between women. We received more donations than we could have expected, which reminds me of the difference a few people can make.

Tessa Joy Maddison

Office Manager

about Tessa

I really appreciate working for an organization that is doing something good for the world. I’ve travelled extensively and I’ve seen people live in different types of economic situations. It’s really important that Canadians try to improve and better other people’s lives around the world, and it’s good to be a part of that.

Compassion is a key part of my life. As a yoga teacher compassion is part of our practice. We try daily to walk through life with compassion for every human, animal, and plant, and to connect with love, strength and compassion. I sometimes volunteer at a temple in Ottawa where we prepare food to serve at homeless shelters. It always teaches me so much when interacting, connecting and sharing with others. I take my daughter so that she learns about giving her free time; to work together with different people, and to give of yourself to other people. Volunteering and giving service is so important.

Leigh Raithby

Policy and Advocacy Officer

about Leigh

As an advocate for health equity and social justice, Results Canada immediately felt like a perfect match for me. With a staff of passionate and intelligent advocates and the support of international partners and volunteers from across Canada, Results has reinforced my confidence in the ability to make a meaningful difference and end extreme poverty. There is a tremendous sense of community at Results, which inspires me to use my voice while amplifying the voices of those around me. I strive to lead with compassion in every aspect of my life, as I believe with compassion we can better connect with others and the world around us.

My most inspiring volunteer experience was working as a Recreational Art Therapy Volunteer at my local rehabilitation hospital. I would visit with the residents and engage in visual art activities with them, which offered an escape from their current reality and provided some much-appreciated social support. This volunteer position solidified my desire to use my abilities to help improve the quality of life of others.

Lindsay Sheridan

Senior Advisor, Policy and Parliamentary Affairs

about Lindsay

My work at Results Canada has taught me the importance of remaining hopeful and optimistic in an evolving and expanding global world, while allowing me to experience the impact and power of a group of individuals working towards a common goal. Every day I come into the office and learn of a new action taken by a colleague, volunteer, or Parliamentarian that moves us one step closer to achieving our ultimate goal of ending extreme poverty.

Through my position as Parliamentary Officer I have the opportunity to engage with Members of Parliament and Senators on important global health issues, and create an ongoing platform for advocacy, awareness and action. I’m able to witness the importance of our constantly growing volunteer network and the essential role they play in the political sphere. Our volunteers are everyday people that convey the importance of global health to their respective Members of Parliament, leading ultimately to action and real change.

Robyn Waite

Director of Policy and Advocacy

about Robyn

My favourite thing about working at Results is working with a team of compassionate, caring, highly intelligent, and motivated individuals who are all striving towards the same vision of a world without extreme poverty. It has empowered me by allowing me to turn my passion into meaningful employment, and taught me that advocacy has the greatest chance at success when you have advocates as diverse as possible engaged in the process.

I’m constantly advocating for different social justice issues outside of the workplace. My most inspiring volunteer experience was working at Out of the Cold Emergency Winter Shelter in Halifax. I took every opportunity I could to speak to the guests and understand what their stories were. That inspired me to recognize that poverty doesn’t just exist in isolation - there are social determinants that impact people’s livelihoods and exclude them from different opportunities.

My favourite thing about working at Results is being able to start every day with this sense that we can make a difference, and that there’s space for big impact.

- Chris, Executive Director, Results Canada


Lindsay Sheridan, Senior Advisor of Policy & Parliamentary Affairs

“Collectively, Results is able to make so much impact in the world because of the people who care.”
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Lindsay Sheridan loves to engage with new communities, spaces, and stories – finding comfort in learning new things constantly. When she is not working hard as our Senior Advisor of Policy & Parliamentary Affairs, you can find her consumed by a book, decompressing in nature, defeating her family at board games, cooking up a storm, or jamming to vinyl. 

To prepare for the professional world, Lindsay attended the University of Waterloo where she earned her honours bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies with a minor in Peace and Conflict Studies followed by a Master’s in Peace and Conflict Studies. Her master’s degree included courses that involved analyzing global and interpersonal conflicts while framing systemic change through engagement with government, civil society, and the private sector. Her studies set her up for success as a staffer on Parliament Hill and now at Results Canada. 

Some of Lindsay’s most memorable experiences since university include participating as a mentor for a HeForShe equithon, creating an empathy curriculum for young students in the Waterloo region, being a teaching assistant for a conflict resolution class, updating research on the role women play in peace building processes and engaging in the International Law Summer Institute at the Balsillie School of International Affairs. 

For Lindsay, the best part about Results is the people and the impact they make by taking action. “Our volunteers take time out of their busy lives because they care about changing the world and our global partners have the expertise and experience to make it happen. Collectively, Results is able to make so much impact in the world because of the people who care.”