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we’re here to help people take action and to realize their potential to make a difference

Results Canada is a grassroots advocacy organization that believes in mobilizing everyday people to generate the political will to end extreme poverty. We combine the voices of our volunteers with strategic areas of focus to leverage resources for programs and improved policies that help realize peoples’ rights to health equity, quality education, and economic opportunity. We believe that ending poverty is possible, that proven solutions exist, and that together we can change the world. 

No one should suffer or die from preventable diseases or lack opportunities because of where they were born. That’s why we work every day to bring an end to extreme poverty, where people live on less than USD$1.90 per day.

what is extreme poverty?

According to the United Nations, extreme poverty is defined as “struggling to fulfil the most basic needs like health, education, and access to water and sanitation”. 

767 million – or one in ten people on the planet live in extreme poverty.  It is a place where hunger and disease thrive; where too often children don't live to reach school age - let alone attend school, and where simple necessities like a toilet are considered a luxury.

Ending poverty is Goal #1 of the 17 goals of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. The goals have been set by the United Nations and are a blueprint – a guide – for people, organizations, the private sector and governments all around the world to work together to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Canada has committed to the Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs) but we lag behind other high-income countries in terms of how much we give in Canadian aid. With only 0.31% of Gross National Incomes (GNI) going to Canadian aid, we are a long way from the globally agreed upon target of 0.7%. To put this in perspective, that represents just 31 cents for every $100 Canadians earn.

Investing to end global poverty is not about being charitable. As a leader on the world stage, it is in Canada’s strategic interest to ensure that it continues to fund programs to support people living in poverty. Extreme poverty leads to country instability and has an adverse effect on the kind of systems that create healthy environments and safe communities. 

We are a nonprofit organization independent of any government funding. Our power lies in our people – especially our volunteers who are the unsung heroes. They are passionate and committed individuals who aren’t looking for recognition, but rather want to make a difference in the lives of other people.

Since we began over 30 years ago, we have seen global poverty reduced to half using the incredible power of conversation combined with education and action. Together with staff, our board, volunteers, partners, and champions, we raise our voices with Canadian government decision makers and the media to influence the changes needed to end poverty with improved policies, more efficient programs and increased resources.


Our mission is to generate the political will to end extreme poverty.


Our vision is a world without extreme poverty.

our values

At Results we pledge to create space for all voices, including those of us who are currently experiencing poverty. We will address oppressive behaviour in our interactions, families, communities, work, and world. Our strength is rooted in our diversity of experiences, not in our assumptions. 

With unearned privilege comes the responsibility to act so the burden to educate and change doesn’t fall solely on those experiencing oppression. When we miss the mark on our values, we will acknowledge our mistake, seek forgiveness, learn, and work together as a community to pursue equity. 

There are no saviours — only partners, advocates, and allies. We agree to help make Results a respectful, inclusive space. See our anti-oppression values.

the issues we work on

global health

To develop and thrive we all need good health. Nutritious diets, access to health services, and living in a clean and safe environment all play a role. Learn more.

quality education

Quality education is one of the most effective and efficient ways to lift people out of poverty and reduce inequality. Learn more.

economic opportunity

Access to decent work and financial services, and social protection are critical for the growth and sustainability of people and communities. Learn more.


Strategic Plan (2024 - 2027)
With Results, I am given opportunities to constantly develop and improve my advocacy work in effective ways where my voice can actually make an impact – something that I did not know I was capable of before.

– Dena, Results Canada volunteer

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