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Saurabh Rane, TB Survivor, Mumbai, India
April 2020 - Saurabh Rane lives in Mumbai, India and works as an associate in an artificial intelligence non-profit which builds solutions for health care and agriculture. He is also a TB survivor.“ I believe that the world changes by your actions and not your opinions. Life is what you make of it, and TB shouldn’t make you lose your dreams. My victory over TB has helped me raise awareness about TB, destigmatize it and provide hope and belief to patients. The aim is to thrive, not just stay alive.”
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Kate O’Brien, TB Survivor, New York City (NY)
January 2020 - “People need to know how many people die from tuberculosis even though we have a cure for it. When you think about what an injustice that is - that this is a curable disease - that keeps me up at night. It just makes me crazy when I think that 1.6 million people die of a disease that we have a cure for. It should make you nuts. It’s a huge injustice.”
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