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we’re not looking for 100,000 people to join us - we’re looking for quality over quantity, heart over matter, and passion with compassion

There are many ways you can join Results Canada and raise your voice against the injustice of extreme poverty. You can become a volunteer, a fellow, a donor, a part of our team, or a voting member. Whichever you decide, you will become part of a global movement of passionate everyday people who direct their energy and efforts in ways to make the greatest impact for people living in poverty.
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become a volunteer

Our volunteers are everyday people from across Canada - students, professionals, retirees - who give their time to take action, support each other to become leaders, and dedicate time to learn about the causes and consequences of extreme poverty and the solutions to address it.

As part of a group, volunteers take impactful actions by writing to the media, voicing their opinion on social media, and engaging with parliamentarians. We are always looking for more people to join our volunteer network!

Consult these resources to learn more about what’s involved with volunteering:

thinking of volunteering?
First, you’ll need to watch an info session to learn what it means to volunteer with Results, what to expect when you join a group, and how Results supports you in taking action. Sign up today!

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are you a high school student?
Volunteering with Results Canada is a great way to get your required volunteer hours and make a difference. Contact us for more information at

become a fellow                                                                               

The Results Canada Education and Advocacy Fellowship Program is a 11-month hands-on advocacy and leadership training program for volunteers that develop in-depth skills in generating the political will to end extreme poverty. It is open to individuals aged 18 years and older who are based in Canada, and who want to go deeper in their learning and commitment to make meaningful impact. Learn more here.

Applications are now closed. Please check back in September for details on applications for the 2025 Fellowship cohort.

become a donor                                                                                

As a nonprofit organization that is independent of any government funding, Results Canada relies on the generosity of donors to drive impactful campaigns to improve the health, education, and economic opportunity of those living in extreme poverty. If you can’t give your time as a volunteer right now or if you want to do a little more to help, you can become a donor and contribute to the development of tools and programs that support Results volunteers to take strategic action and create lasting impact. Become a donor today.

work with us

We educate and inspire action by advancing solutions to end extreme poverty. Work with us by checking out our current listings for staff positions and internships:

Check back here or follow us on LinkedIn for future opportunities.

become a member

We are always looking for individuals who support our mission and vision of a world without extreme poverty. Those who want to actively contribute are invited to participate in the governance of Results Canada.

Membership is open to any individual who submits a membership application form, resides in Canada, and declares that they support the objectives of Results Canada.  All applicants will be considered pending Board approval.

To apply, please complete the application form below:

The benefits of becoming a member of Results Canada include:

  • An active role in shaping our strategies, tactics and areas of focus in ending extreme poverty
  • A formal voice by participating as voting members in Results Canada's AGM and in members
  • Associating with a network of like-minded groups
  • Access to Results Canada events throughout the year

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We will be in touch once your application has been reviewed. For any questions about the application process or to find out more, email us.

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Everyday people empowered to generate the political will to end extreme poverty. Change is possible.
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