report your actions

Congratulations on taking action! We want to know all about the actions you or your group have taken.

January 2022 - If you invited your MP to our International Development Week event as your action this month, you don't need to report it here under "I spoke to a parliamentarian". Just tell your group leader! If they reply to you with information you think might be useful to us, please fill out "a parliamentarian wrote back to me".

report your actions here

I spoke to and/or met with a parliamentarian
A parliamentarian wrote back to me
I got published in
the media
I took part in an outreach activity
If the action you took does not fall into one of the four categories above, do NOT report your actions here. Instead, report your actions to your group leader.

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why it’s important to report your actions

Reporting your actions is incredibly valuable and helps us to advance the solutions needed to end extreme poverty. When you report your actions, you provide Results with strategic intelligence that informs future engagement with parliamentarians (Members of Parliament and senators) and helps create targeted calls-to-action. Over time, this knowledge allows us to increase parliamentary support for the investments, programs and policies that give people living in poverty the health, education and opportunity they need to thrive.

are you a group leader?

Report all your group volunteers’ actions here on a monthly basis:
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