our volunteers are hardworking individuals dedicated to taking action

Our volunteers are the inspiration that has created Results’ impact for more than 35 years! All across Canada, these empowered individuals - students, professionals, retirees - volunteer their time to learn about the causes and consequences of extreme poverty and the solutions to address it.

what our volunteers do

Regardless of whether our Results volunteers are new or seasoned, they take impactful actions by writing to the media, voicing their opinion on social media, and meeting with federal government decision makers to guide them towards decisions that give people living in poverty the health, education, and economic opportunity they need to thrive. They meet together in groups and love meeting like-minded individuals who care about global health.

See all the latest actions of our volunteers across Canada here.

our volunteers go above and beyond

The power of Results is fueled by the dedication of our passionate volunteers, and they never cease to amaze us with their commitment to making the world a better place. Continuously pushing themselves to learn and become better advocates, they attend webinars and conferences, collaborate with other volunteers, and even win awards for their efforts!

We love highlighting our awesome volunteers. Read their stories below.

how you can join us

Our volunteers are involved in a lot of different ways and have a variety of skills to offer. We are always welcoming new volunteers - many who are brand new to advocacy! Start by filling out our form, and then you can join one of our online info sessions to learn more. Consult our current volunteer opportunities.

Dena Sharafdin

Results Canada Volunteer, online community (ON)

In May 2020, Dena joined Results as a volunteer and immediately took action! She got her first ever Letter to the Editor (LTE) published in the Hill Times talking about why it’s important that Canada invests its support in making treatments and vaccines for the coronavirus accessible to all.
"Results has given me the courage, support, and power to use my voice to advocate for important global issues that I have always wanted to speak up about, but didn’t know how. With the opportunities that Results provide as well as the support from the amazing people at Results, I feel that I am truly making a positive impact in the world.”

volunteer stories

Nina Huynh – 2020 volunteer award winner

August 2020 - "Slowly through small increments, I believe together we can make the world more just for all, regardless of location and socioeconomic status.” As one of two winners of the Most Active New Volunteer Award, Nina shows immense passion and dedication in her efforts to end extreme poverty.

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Norm Filiol - 2020 volunteer award winner

July 2020 - “We can each help in different ways. Advocacy helps amplifies those efforts. Advocacy is used to build awareness, educate and ultimately influence decision makers. It can move the world.” Norm believes passionately in the power of individuals to make a difference, which he demonstrates by continuously using social media to build the political will to end extreme poverty.

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Franck Potwora - 2020 volunteer award winner

June 2020 - "In one month, I felt at the heart of a positive and concrete action, in which I felt at home and within a network." Franck is one of two winners of the New Active Volunteer Award. He is very interested in social justice and believes strongly in the power of citizens. Franck joined Results Canada's Montreal group at the end of 2018.

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Our volunteers don’t wear capes but are global heroes

May 2020 - On May 12, Canada announced funds to continue their support of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) – two global initiatives that will help save 7-8 million lives and bring us closer to a world free of polio as well as ensure an effective global COVID-19 response [...]

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Adrianna Lemieux

April 2020 - "Results is an amazing platform where so many voices are heard. It gives me the opportunity to discuss issues that I am passionate about, and to connect with people with similar interests and mindsets." Enthusiastic about international development and eager to make an impact, Adrianna recently joined Results Canada with the goal to start and […]

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Celebrating our volunteer award winners

April 2020 - We normally organize an evening of celebration and recognition for our volunteers during our biennial National Conference. As we have decided to postpone the conference, we decided not to postpone the celebration and to make it a virtual one! Our volunteers are incredible: they take time to speak up against extreme poverty and are the force […]

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Gurpreet Singh

March 2020 - “Results Canada is the right platform to learn new things such as advocacy, global perspective, helping others, and what’s going on around the world.” Passionate about international development, Gurpreet volunteers as a Results Regional Leader because he enjoys giving back to the community and using his voice to help others.

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Sarah Kamau

“It gives me an opportunity to be the change we want to achieve” Sarah shares why she joined Results and how she’s motivated to take action for a better world! Volunteering as a Results Regional Leader, Sarah is passionate about people and has made it her purpose in life to help others. Sarah started to […]

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Sam Weller

Passionate, motivated, and full of life, Sam has been a dedicated volunteer with Results Canada since 2001 and has supported the organization in many ways throughout that time. His hard work and dedication to local and global issues has not only made Sam a vital voice within our organization but also within his community. Sam’s […]

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Aaron McMahon

Full of energy and enthusiasm, Aaron recently started volunteering with Results Canada and has quickly become a driving force for change: he already got his first letter to the editor published! From a very young age Aaron wanted to be involved with an organization dedicated to those who need it most. This continued into his […]

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Arjun Patel

Arjun is the Regional Leader for Results Canada’s volunteer network in Ontario. Since joining us in July, he has leapt into action! As a recent graduate of McMaster University's MSc Global Health program, Arjun is passionate about global health and international development, with a particular interest in human rights advocacy. He has worked in the […]

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Results Victoria Group

The Victoria group is one of the founding Results groups in Canada. Ever since its creation in 1986, group members have been committed to making a difference by actively raising awareness and generating the political will to end extreme poverty in the global south. For the last 25 years, group members have also been enthusiastically […]

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