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Our volunteers are the inspiration that has powered Results’ impact for more than 30 years! They are empowered citizens from across Canada - students, professionals, retirees - who volunteer their time to learn about the issues responsible for global poverty and use their voice to make meaningful impact.
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We equip our volunteers with training, tools, and support so that they become skilled and confident to take action on the issues. Whether they meet in groups or operate solo, they communicate what they’ve learned by writing to the media, voicing their opinion on social media, and meeting with federal government decision makers - Members of Parliament (MPs), Senators, and government staff - to advise and guide them towards decisions that give people living in poverty the health, education and economic opportunity they need to thrive.

regional leaders

Our regional leaders are volunteers who facilitate activities in their region - whether it be in a small town or a major city. They oversee local volunteer groups, work closely with Results staff, and empower other volunteers who are passionate about making the world a better place. 

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Sarah Kamau

Regional Leader, Toronto (ON)

Sarah started to volunteer her time as a teenager by notably supporting children living with HIV/AIDS and has supported many important causes throughout the years. Currently Sarah is very active in raising awareness about the impact of climate change as a coordinator on Africa climate action initiatives. Through her professional career she has also done extensive work in refugee camps in Kenya and worked as a Program Manager to prevent HIV, tuberculosis (TB) and malaria.
“It gives me an opportunity to be the change we want to achieve.”
The thing that really inspires me is just seeing people from all around the world coming together and working together for a good cause - not just from their own country or their own culture, from all over the world.

- Shatabdi, Results volunteer


Adrianna Lemieux 
Results volunteer

"Results is an amazing platform where so many voices are heard. It gives me the opportunity to discuss issues that I am passionate about, and to connect with people with similar interests and mindsets."
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Enthusiastic about international development and eager to make an impact, Adrianna recently joined Results Canada with the goal to start and lead a new group in Montreal. Adrianna has been passionate about poverty alleviation since high school, and now years later, she’s applying the skills she learned throughout university to create a more equitable world.

Originally from Montreal, Adrianna's interest in global issues sparked in high school when she first got involved with Model United Nations (MUN). She continued MUN after high school while studying International Development Studies at McGill University. It was during her time at McGill that she discovered her passion for advocacy when she learned about Results through her university classes. Since graduating from McGill in 2019, Adrianna is eager to use her knowledge towards poverty alleviation and to make a difference.

She believes that the power to end extreme poverty lies in our united strong voices, and looks forward to leading the Montreal Results Group towards action. If you’re in Montreal and want to join Adrianna, email us to let us know!

Thank you Adrianna for your commitment to raising your voice for a world free of extreme poverty.

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