our volunteers are hardworking individuals dedicated to taking action

Our volunteers are the inspiration that has created Results’ impact for more than 35 years! All across Canada, these empowered individuals volunteer their time and take action to influence Canadian government decision makers to improve policies, create better programs and increase resources to end extreme poverty.

how our volunteers take action

Whether Results volunteers are new or seasoned, they are passionate and committed individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of people living in poverty. They take action by:

  • Influencing parliamentarians (Members of Parliament (MPs), federal government Ministers, or Senators) by calling, writing, emailing, or meeting;
  • Publishing letters to the editor (LTEs) or op-eds in their local or national newspaper;
  • Using social media by tweeting, posting, sharing and liking - and tagging parliamentarians;
  • Attending webinars, conferences and events;
  • Donating and fundraising;
  • Collaborating with other volunteers (and even winning awards for their efforts!).

See all the latest actions of our volunteers across Canada, and read their stories below.

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Once you take your first action as a volunteer, you will realize your potential to give people living in poverty the health, education and economic opportunity they need to thrive. Change is possible.

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Results Canada Fellowship Education and Advocacy Program

The Results Canada Education and Advocacy Fellowship Program is a 12-month hands-on advocacy and leadership training program for volunteers that develops in-depth skills in generating the political will to end extreme poverty. It is open to individuals aged 15 years and older who are based in Canada, and who want to go deeper in their learning and commitment to make meaningful impact. Learn more about this program and read our monthly Fellow spotlights.

volunteer stories

Dena Sharafdin – volunteer spotlight

March 2021 - This month, we’re featuring Dena Sharafdin who is an expert on getting quality Letters to the Editor (LTE) published. "I believe that with perseverance, consistency, and passion, advocacy can be an immense force to help create a more just and equal world for all.”

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Courtney Campbell - volunteer spotlight

February 2021 - “I am beyond ecstatic to be the winner of the Outstanding Youth Award! I think a lot of young people, like me, often struggle with imposter syndrome, so this award shows that any action, no matter how small, is valuable.”

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Shahithya Ravindran - volunteer spotlight

January 2021 - “As an aspiring Health student, I am aware of how people's lives significantly contribute to their health and overall well-being. The surging concern of global inequalities propelled me to advocate and champion positive change for extreme poverty. With the essential tools, guidance, and nurturing environment of Results, I am able to make meaningful contributions that create equitable opportunities for vulnerable communities.”

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Roshelle Filart - 2020 volunteer award winner

November 2020 - “Time is one of the most precious commodities that we have in this modern, technologically driven world. I choose to give my time to volunteer with Results because the return on investment of a relatively small amount of time spent learning about global poverty issues, writing letters and meeting with decision-makers can be huge in terms of collective global change.” says Roshelle who has been a volunteer since 2009 and was a co-leader of the Toronto group until 2018.

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