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write a letter to the editor (LTE)

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why write an LTE

Write an LTE if you want to make your opinion heard in a timely manner. You don’t need a lot of research, and your LTE can be brief and to-the-point - just 150-200 words! When time is of the essence, choose to write an LTE.

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You have a better chance at getting published if you keep it short and sweet (and don’t be afraid to be bold!)

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Politicians are in their jobs because of you! As Canadians, we have voted them into office to represent us. So they want to hear from you to learn what issues you feel are most important.

write a minister

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why write a minister

Write to a minister if you want to share your opinion about an issue that concerns you. A personalized letter or email from you means that there is a constituent in their riding who cares, and whose opinion needs to be represented on Parliament Hill.

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Sending a personalized handwritten letter by mail is one of the most influential ways to get a minister’s attention.

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Why not make writing to a minister a family activity? Ask your children to draw a picture linked to our current campaign and include it with your letter. You can also take a photo of your family and share it with the minister on social media and tag @ResultsCda.

use your voice on social media

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why use social media

Social media is a quick and easy way to speak up and tell your Member of Parliament (MP) that you care about immunization and access to vaccines. Get public attention and let Canada know that they should continue to be a global leader.

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Twitter is a news-centric platform! 71% of Twitter users get their daily news from Twitter making it a great platform to share and spread your news.

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Politicians are people too! Don’t be afraid to use social media to reach out to them about the issues that are important to you. 94% of online Canadians are on at least 1 social media platform so it makes sense for politicians to be active on social as well.

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why participate

With all eyes on vaccines, World Immunization Week 2021 offers an opportunity to build support for immunizations and to learn more about what it will take to vaccinate the world.

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To end the pandemic, the majority of the world needs to be immune to COVID-19 and the safest way to achieve this is with a vaccine.

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Vaccines can bring us closer to ending the pandemic, and to one another.

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step-by-step instructions for writing an LTE

Our #StopTheDeadlyDivide campaign focuses on the urgent need to work together to find ways to prevent the world’s progress from backsliding during the COVID-19 crisis. Over the course of the past year, we have seen nation states engage in a race to the bottom to get their hands on precious COVID-19 vaccines first. This “me first” approach will prolong the pandemic, resulting in more lives lost and catastrophic impacts in economic and social disruption. People who live in the poorest and most vulnerable situations in low-income countries are most at risk. 

With global demand surging and supply limited, a deadly divide in access to vaccines is widening by the day. While immunization campaigns are rolling out in many high-income countries, low-income countries are predicted to not see mass immunization against COVID-19 for years to come.

letter to the editor (LTE)
: a letter written to a newspaper, magazine or other periodical about issues of concern to readers, usually intended to be published in the paper/periodical

Write a letter to the editor about why Canada must support the TRIPS  (Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights) waiver currently tabled at the World Trade Organization (WTO). As a hook, use World Immunization Week (April  24-30) to elevate the issue of vaccine equity, making the case for how our best chance of ending COVID-19 everywhere is to ensure a vaccine is available for all as a global common good. 

The ask: Canada must support the TRIPS intellectual property waiver tabled at the World Trade Organization (WTO) and put people’s lives ahead of publicly-subsidized pharmaceutical company profits. 

Use our step-by-step instructions below and get your LTE published in the media.

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  1. Make it relevant and timely - ideally within 2 days of a current event.
  2. Finish and submit your letter - it doesn’t have to be perfect, and you don’t have to be an expert to have an opinion. You simply need to care.
  3. Come up with a dynamite title that will catch the Editor’s attention.
  4. Be creative and speak from the heart about the campaign issue.

secret tip

Keep it short - around 3 paragraphs or 150-200 words. You want your LTE to be concise and succinct to increase your chances of grabbing the reader's attention, getting published, and getting your message out. 

follow these 8 steps

  1. Familiarize yourself with our current campaign.
  2. Connect our campaign and your opinion with a newsworthy topic or hook that inspires you. Try these ideas:
    • refer here to our key dates, hashtags, tags and keywords
    • do internet research, read the latest news articles, or use external resources
    • refer to past volunteer LTEs to see published examples.
  3. Write your LTE to give your opinion related to our campaign issue. See an example below.
  4. Use our searchable list of editors’ emails to email your LTE to.
  5. Press send.
  6. Send your LTE to your Member of Parliament (MP) to let them know your opinion.
  7. If you belong to a Results group, let your Group Leader know that you’ve submitted an LTE. If you are not part of a group, consider joining one! Until then, fill out this “actions taken” online form.
  8. If your LTE gets published, share it on social media by tagging @ResultsCda and your MP. And make sure to let your Group Leader know!

see an example of an LTE

COVID-19: A salutary tale?

Dear Editor,

The pandemic is not yet over but we are beginning to see some light through the cracks in our world. I am proud to say that Canada has taken a leadership role and contributed ever-increasing amounts to end COVID everywhere. More Canadians should be made aware that the experts estimate a return of $5.60 for every $1 of aid we invest. Indeed, it means the pandemic world-wide will end sooner which is good for our economy.

My greater hope is that we learn from our pandemic experience that contributing to better public health abroad is also the right thing to do. The best example is the TB epidemic which continues to ravage many countries and regions, including Canada’s North. TB is both preventable and curable yet has been the leading cause of death from a single infectious agent. In 2019, it resulted in the deaths of 1.4 million people. COVID deaths will be higher in 2020 as we are already over 1.6 million deaths. But the COVID vaccines were not available until this month.

We have seen how quickly governments and communities react when disease hits richer nations such as our own. Many people have been working for a very long time to combat TB in the Global South. Let’s make sure that the community health workers or “front-line heroes” in those nations have the resources they need post-COVID to wipe out epidemics like TB.

Sherry Moran, Publication date: Dec 15, 2020, Oshawa Express

secret tip

Don’t give up. If your letter hasn’t been published, email the editors and ask them for feedback.

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Track your letter by doing an internet search of your name and following up with the publication to find out if/when it is getting published.

See all our resources to help you write your LTE, along with key dates, hashtags, tags and keywords found on our campaigns page here.

Tell a story. Everything is built on storytelling. If you’re in the right place at the right time and you tell the right story, you can do anything.

- Danny Glenwright