Safia Ibrahim - Public Engagement Manager

By: Results Canada Published: 11/07/2023


 I’m Safia Ibrahim, Results Canada’s Public Engagement Manager.   

 I studied International Business at Seneca College in Toronto. Professionally, my background is in disability management and vocational training, and I have vast experience facilitating workshops and community engagement.   

 I was born in Somalia but grew up in Toronto. I am passionate about my line of work because, as a toddler in Somalia, I contracted polio, a vaccine-preventable illness that can cause paralysis or death.   

 Early on in my childhood, it was clear that my life would be vastly different from that of my peers as children with disabilities face many barriers and challenges. Whether it is being excluded from valuable education and missing out on important milestones like scoring first goal in a game of soccer or play hide and go seek. For me, because I was a girl with a disability, my life was that much more difficult.    

 At Results Canada, our passionate volunteers all share the same sentiment: no one should suffer or die from preventable diseases or lack opportunities because of where they were born.    

 As Results Canada’s Public Engagement Manager, my goal is to ensure our volunteers have a positive experience in their journey in becoming strong advocates and some day, our vision to end extreme poverty will come into fruition.   

 In my personal time you will catch me watching the latest Marvel movie taking long road trips while singing along to the latest Taylor Swift album.  

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