RECORDING: December 2023 celebration call

By: Results Canada Published: 06/11/2023

Date: December 5th 

Time: 7:30 pm ET 

Join us for a virtual celebration call on International Volunteer Day #IVD2023! Let's come together to celebrate the incredible contributions of Results volunteers. It's a day of gratitude, inspiration, and recognition for those who make a difference. Don't miss this opportunity to unite in celebration and honour the power of volunteerism.

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Graphic for national celebration call

Hear from these passionate volunteers:

Dedicated to propelling change through grassroots movements, Nashaat passionately champions diverse social causes like poverty alleviation, education, and combating diseases like TB. Spearheading community-driven initiatives, he advocates for accountability among policymakers, striving for a better future. With a deep commitment to fostering impactful change, Nashaat ignites enduring, positive transformations through collaborative community efforts.

Ashley is a Group Leader for the Vancouver group. As a longtime advocate and a Fellowship alum, Ashley harbors a strong curiosity to delve deeper into ongoing global issues for continuous learning. Ashley believes in making actionable changes towards universal access for quality education and nutrition, while striving to eradicate preventable diseases. She enjoys supporting her group members by aiming to enhance their advocacy skills. As a strong advocate herself, Ashley tries to motivate her group to create effective communication with decision-makers and helps them to understand policy matters.

Tiffany is an Information Manager for Services in Action. She provides information-based services for nonprofits around the world. In the end, it’s taking a project from an idea to a fully developed system that she enjoys most. While doing this, she found herself immersed in knowledge management and information technology. Her motivation is for an effective, just, and sustainable civil society which is built upon partnership and collaboration. Tiffany passionately believes a world without extreme poverty is possible.

Ashika joined Results with the intent to refine her advocacy skills. Learning more and more about Results’ mission to eradicate global poverty inspires her to take all opportunities that come her way to raise awareness. As she works towards a career in the health care industry, she will always keep Results’ mission at the heart of her tasks. This is because at the end of the day, her personal goal is to contribute towards an equitable world, one where people are able to live with more than just their basic needs; A world without poverty. 

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