Dominique Denoncourt - our Policy and Advocacy Officer

By: Results Canada Published: 07/02/2024

Hey! I’m Dominique, Results Canada’s Policy & Advocacy Officer leading the child and maternal health file.

I was born and raised in Montreal and no matter how far I go, I always come back to my vibrant city.

For as long as possible, I followed a multidisciplinary path, probably more out of curiosity and passion than indecisiveness. I went through theatre and journalism classes, before obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in International Relations at the University of Montreal. I then went on to do a Master's degree in Humanitarian Action & International Development Management at the Université Laval, while working with various humanitarian and community organizations. A few months before I landed here at Results, I worked in Burkina Faso with the Coalition Burkinabe pour les Droits de la Femme (CBDF), a women’s rights organization, as a volunteer for their Canadian partner Crossroads International.

My days at Results Canada are typically atypical! But they do often consist of unpacking and explaining issues, as well as exchanging and collaborating with various stakeholders in the sector. I always keep in mind that my goal is to ensure that quality aid reaches the people who need it most, including those who are most often neglected, and that it is effective and inclusive of their needs and voices.

I took a personal commitment to fight all forms of oppression and systemic violence. For a long time now, I've been analyzing how it relates to access to health and healthcare, with a particular focus on inequalities linked to poverty, discrimination, and emergencies - whether they’re natural or human-made, local or global.

Since joining Results Canada, my understanding of what constitutes a healthy woman or child has expanded way beyond the sexual and reproductive sphere. How can one be healthy if malnutrition threatens their immunity and cognitive development?

Every day, I learn about existing, realistic solutions to prevent illnesses and deaths, solutions that are within reach! When I feel that my actions contribute to their implementation, I visualize the tiny stone I'm adding to the collective building, perpetually under construction.

For now, the achievements that make me the proudest often started as challenges I gave to myself in times of discomfort. For example, this picture – which shows me proudly freezing at over 5,000 metres above sea level in Peru – is a reminder that my body is stronger than I think. It carried me to higher and more breathtaking summits than I ever thought I’d see! But I could have chosen an image depicting me on the theatre stage or with my hands full of paint and glue because I am just as proud of my art. I think of it as a medium for activism, but also for the celebration of beauty and solidarity.

3 fun facts about me - 2 truths and one that could be true but isn’t:

  • I have visited 23 countries so far.
  • I think celery is the finest vegetable.
  • On a good day, I can speak 5 languages.

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