volunteer spotlight: uOttawa group!

By: Results Canada Published: 23/01/2024

The Results Canada uOttawa group engages in collective efforts to effect change. Renowned for their collaborative initiatives, they actively contribute to writing letters to the editor (LTEs), and were published in the Hill Times, not once, but twice! This group distinguishes itself through its proactive advocacy strategies and outreach activities. In a noteworthy display of commitment, they worked on an infographic about ending tuberculosis and set up a recruitment booth at the University of Ottawa in September, aiming to attract additional volunteers to join Results.

We asked group co-leaders Hanaya and Arianna to share their insights on their success:

"The University of Ottawa Results Canada team is made up of diverse and ambitious students. Our multidisciplinary team includes members ranging from majors in Biomedical Sciences to Public and International Affairs. Despite our differences in educational background and professional pursuits, we have come together to take action against global inequities. What makes our team stand out is our commitment to group actions. Once a month, our team meets to discuss Results’ call to action, then we arrange another meeting where we collaborate on a project.

Our commitment to and enthusiasm for collaboration has ensured that our group actions are of high quality and facilitate engagement between members. Along with professional meetings, we have developed camaraderie between members, encouraging attendance and participation. This has not only helped us achieve Results’ goals but has equipped us with skills we can take outside of the organization. Our hope is that these skills will one day help us welcome advocacy initiatives in our future endeavors.

Results Canada has made us aware of our individual responsibility in responding to large-scale, global issues.

Members have said: “Being a part of Results Canada has shown my potential in written and oral communication as a vehicle for change”.

Group actions have facilitated improvements in areas such as article writing and graphic design, since more experienced members are able to share their knowledge with the rest of the team. A collaborative environment has allowed members to feel at ease, ask questions, and take risks to grow as an advocate.

We are excited to see what the future of Results Canada and Results uOttawa will hold!"

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