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By: RC Intern Published: 12/08/2019

The Ottawa group was created in early 1988 and has been at the forefront of some incredible successes since its inception. Volunteers get together on a monthly basis to learn about timely issues and solutions to ending extreme poverty and then collectively plan their advocacy actions. Needless to say that the group is comprised of dedicated, hard-working and passionate individuals. 

Recently, the Results Ottawa group was honoured with a Family and Community Service Award by the Rotary Club of West Ottawa for their outstanding commitment to the local community as well as their significant contribution to the work of the Rotary Club. Over the years, the Ottawa group in conjunction with Rotary, has positively influenced a number of federal government commitments and in particular has worked tirelessly on eradicating polio. Members of the Ottawa group were really proud and touched to receive this recognition: “It is a great honour to have our outreach activities recognized by Rotary. Collaboration between networks of committed citizens can achieve great goals.  We are glad to be part of the unstoppable movement that will eradicate polio.”

Our warmest congratulations to the Ottawa group members! You inspire us every day.

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