get your high school volunteer hours with Results Canada! 

By: Results Canada Published: 29/08/2023

If you are a high school student and volunteer with us, you can submit your hours so that they count towards your school’s volunteering requirements! Taking action with Results to end extreme poverty is a great way to get involved in something you care about and gain valuable skills while completing your hours.  

We hope you choose to volunteer with us and that you’ll be as inspired as our over 500 volunteers across the country to stay with us for the long-term! 

here’s how it works  

  • You take actions on the campaigns highlighted every month on . 
  • You are responsible for tracking and recording your own hours. You must fill out and submit this form every month. Without this, we will not know that you are an active volunteer and cannot sign for your hours.  
  • When you are ready to tally up your total, send in the required forms and the Public Engagement Team will sign for your hours. 
  • Plan ahead if you have a deadline to submit your hours to your school. We need at least 10 working days to sign for your hours, otherwise we cannot guarantee meeting your deadline. 

what counts as volunteering hours? 

There are two categories of action with Results: Action hours and Education hours. 

For Action hours, track each hour you spend taking advocacy actions (suggested in our monthly ). These can include writing a letter to the editor, using your voice on social media, contacting your Member of Parliament, etc. 

Education hours are any activities that help you be a successful volunteer advocate. These include attending group meetings and webinars, reading the campaign materials, doing research, undertaking activities with partner organizations, and everything else Results-related. Nothing is off limits, you don’t need to ask staff if an activity counts (the answer is yes).  

Here’s an example of what your hours might look like: 

Education volunteer hours: 5 hours 
- 1 X Results Canada webinar: 1 hour 
- 4 X Monthly Education & Action (E&A) group meeting: 4 hours 
Action volunteer hours: 10 hours 
- wrote a letter to the editor (research, writing, submitting): 3 hours 
- social media advocacy on Twitter: 2 hours cumulatively 
- phone call with MP (requesting, planning, attending the call, reporting back): 5 hours 
Total: 15 hours 

Have any questions? Get in touch with us at We’d love to hear from you! 

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