Appel à l'action : la Journée mondiale de l'aide humanitaire

Par : Résultats Canada Publié le 19/08/2023

339 million people will need humanitarian assistance in 2023. This means 1 in every 23 people will face difficulties accessing basic services like quality education, proper nutrition, immunizations, and psycho-social support because they live in emergency contexts.  

Today, on World Humanitarian Day, we are taking action by asking the government to step up leadership for those living in emergencies – especially children – at the Forum mondial sur les réfugié.e.s this December in Geneva.    

what are humanitarian emergencies? 

Humanitarian emergencies are an event or series of events that threaten the health, safety, or well-being of a community or a large group of people, usually over a wide area. They can include armed conflict, epidemics, famine, and natural disasters. These crises are extremely challenging to manage because they are often large scale, complex, and unpredictable.  

Currently, there are 38 appeals for humanitarian support including the illegal invasion of Ukraine, the ongoing conflict in Yemen where 15 million people are food insecure, worsening drought and famine in Ethiopia driven by climate change, and cholera outbreaks caused by the increasing instability in Haiti. 

why is this important to Results Canada?

This fall we will be calling for strong Canadian leadership and commitment at the Global Refugee Forum for children living in emergencies, including access to quality education, proper nutrition, immunizations, and maternal health. This is a great opportunity for our new Minister of International Development Ahmed Hussen to engage on the global level. Check out our blog on the cabinet shuffle to learn more about him! 

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