Yasmine Hadid - Public Engagement Officer

By: Results Canada Published: 09/07/2024

Salut! I’m Yasmine, a recent addition to the team as a Public Engagement Officer. I’m having the best time getting to know the lovely folks at Results!

Although I have (so far) spent my adult life in Ottawa, I am originally from Toronto, and yes, before you even ask, I mean, Toronto-Toronto!

As a recent graduate at uOttawa, in Environmental Economics and Public Policy, I spent my final years of undergrad thinking about what post-graduate life would be, and how I can make my mark on campus. This encouraged me to become a Green Rep, which allowed me to contribute to sustainable practices and engagement on campus.

After many co-op terms in the Public Service, I find myself in the advocacy space at Results Canada, and I am loving it! Every day truly is unique, but the thorough line of my work is supporting our volunteers and coordinating public engagement opportunities!

It has been really inspiring to learn from them and get to know the volunteers that have been involved with us for an extended period of time! Our volunteers have their own way of taking action, and seeing their enthusiasm and openness to learning how they can develop their advocacy skills is incredibly motivating! 

As for my rest and recreation, I’m a bit of a cinephile, and love going with/dragging my friends to the movies whenever I get the chance! My favourite activity to do with my family is travel; I’ve visited 10 countries with my parents!

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