Webinar FREE! April 20, 12pm - Protecting progress: global immunization programs in the age of COVID-19

By: Lisa Published: 09/04/2020

Did you know that since 2000, the world has successfully reduced deaths by vaccine-preventable diseases by 70%, saving millions of lives? This is a good news story and a reminder that vaccines can help protect us from some of the world’s worst diseases. 

As the world prepares to respond to and fight COVID-19, immunization programs, like many other aspects of life, have been impacted. Join us as we hear directly from advocates, health care workers and experts in global immunization programs on some of the challenges, risks and opportunities for immunization during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Speakers include:

  • Dr. Chizoba Wonodi, Nigeria Country Director at the International Vaccine Access Centre (IVAC)
  • Elizabeth Muchoki, Health Systems Strengthening Manager at KANCO
  • Julie Truelove, WaterAid Senior Policy Analyst, Health & Hygiene 
  • Melissa Corkum, UNICEF Senior Manager, Polio Outbreak Response
  • Violanne Messanger, External Relations Officer at the WHO

You’ll leave this better informed and fired up to take action to ensure we don’t lose ground in the global fight against vaccine-preventable diseases.

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