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By: Results Canada Published: 13/09/2023

With the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (IDEP) coming up in October, we are planning a big fundraising campaign!

Results Canada is completely free of government funding, which means we rely on grants and donors to operate. Donations help us better support our volunteers who advocate by writing letters to the editor (LTEs), using social media or engaging with parliamentarians directly. 

Watch this clip (4:02 to 10:44) to learn more about our fundraising campaign.

If you’re ready to learn about advocacy, extreme poverty and Canada’s part to play in the world, join us! No previous fundraising experience necessary. 

what you get as a fundraiser:  

  • receive fundraising training and support  
  • learn about global health, the causes and consequences of extreme poverty, and the solutions to address it  
  • certificate of recognition after completing four fundraising actions and raising funds  


If you’re only interested in gaining fundraising experience, volunteer with us only for the month of October.

That said, we sincerely hope you will stay with us in the long run to try your hand at advocacy as well! 

how you can apply 

To submit your application, kindly send a brief message explaining your motivation for fundraising for Results and include "fundraising" in the subject line. Send your application to action@resultscanada.ca.  

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Everyday people empowered to generate the political will to end extreme poverty. Change is possible.
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