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we achieve our goals through advocacy - it’s how we take action and what makes us efficient, effective, and powerful

We provide best-in-class advocacy support to train and coach volunteers so that they can take on the kind of work that a lobbyist or public relations pro might - but with the authenticity, passion and credibility of everyday people driven by a mission, not by a profit.

ad·vo·cate | ˈad-və-ˌkāt
: to support or argue for (a cause, policy, etc.)
: to act as an advocate (defender, supporter) for someone or something

As advocacy experts, we use the power of conversation and persuasion, combined with education to take action for people living in extreme poverty and bring about impactful change.

When you volunteer with us, you will learn how to raise your voice and take action by:

  • Influencing politicians by calling, writing, emailing, or meeting your Member of Parliament (MP) or federal government Minister. Learn how.
  • Publishing letters to the editor (LTEs) or opinion pieces (op-eds) in your local or national newspaper. Learn how.
  • Using social media for impact by tweeting, posting, sharing and liking - and tagging your MP or Minister. Learn how.
  • Donating or fundraising. Learn how.
  • Participating in our events or conferences. Learn how.
Advocacy is about sustained action, about building relationships with each other with our movement and with our decision makers, to bring about transformative change.

– Libby Davies, former MP
We empower you so you can take action and realize your potential to make a difference. We will connect you to other volunteers, to our staff and to our champions so that you can multiply your impact using the transformational power of advocacy. Whether it’s meeting together in local communities around the country, meeting face-to-face with MPs on Parliament Hill or in their neighbourhood, or getting published in the local newspaper, you can influence the federal government and help move your community into action.

See all the latest actions of our volunteers across Canada here.

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Everyday people empowered to generate the political will to end extreme poverty. Change is possible.
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