volunteers leading change in 2023

By: Results Canada Published: 05/12/2023

Despite the financial challenges and humanitarian crisis tearing the world apart, our volunteers continue to shed light and firmly advocate for ending extreme poverty. This year, Results volunteers have demonstrated their determination to the mission of our organization by advocating for all our campaigns.

our 2023 campaign wins

In 2023, we collectively advocated to Canadian decision makers to be the game changers and support high-impact solutions for investments and policies to realise a world free of poverty. Our collective goal was to influence Canada to be an ambitious leader for economic opportunity, health equity, and quality education. We’re grateful to say Canada heard our calls:

  • Canada allocated $1.3 billion to Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) directed towards reducing poverty (learn about our advocacy here).
  • In September, Prime Minister Trudeau announced an investment of $25.5 million over two years for TB REACH (more on our advocacy here).

volunteers went above and beyond

To recognize the annual International Volunteer Day, we want to give a big shout out to our volunteers. This year’s theme, " the power of collective actions: if everyone did" is at the core of what we do at Results Canada. We use our unique position as residents of Canada to build the political will with Canadian decisionmakers to end extreme poverty around the world.

See how volunteers across Canada have come together to advocate for our key call-to-actions this year:

Results 2023 Fellows work to change the world – and themselves

For 11 months, Results Fellows advocated tirelessly for transformative change. They demonstrated strong leadership in asking Canadian decision-makers to become gamechangers for a world free of poverty.

paving the way for advocacy in 2024

This year has been a testament to the power of collective action and dedication. In 2024 we will continue to advocate for transformational change, focusing on children and their rights to have access to quality education and proper health systems. As we step into the new year, our advocacy matters to effect meaningful change for a world free of extreme poverty. Our advocacy efforts will continue to lead to effective and meaningful change, and we will not rest until we all live in a world free of extreme poverty.

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