Ugandan climate activists speak up: celebrating young Black history-makers

By: Results Canada Published: 23/02/2024

In honour of #BlackHistoryMonth and our 2024 campaign to #ReachEveryChild, Results Canada is paying tribute to 10 incredible young Black history-makers in global health, education, nutrition, climate, and gender equality throughout February. Delve into the inspiring stories of these young leaders who are rewriting the narrative and shaping the future through their unwavering commitment to transformative and participatory social justice. Join us in honouring them and their visions for a better future – and better history – for future generations.

Evelyn Acham

Photo supplied by Evelyn Acham.

Evelyn Acham is a Ugandan climate activist and part of the Arctic Angels, a youth-focused action network for those who want to get involved in the climate change movement. As the National Coordinator of the Rise Up movement, Evelyn regularly organizes climate strikes and campaigns to bring awareness of the critical need for action against climate change.

Growing up, Evelyn was acutely aware that the harsh climate conditions around her were not the norm and, in fact, an effect of the growing climate crisis. As she delved deeper and learnt more, she began to raise awareness on social media and in her community. "You don’t have to protest to be an activist," says Evelyn, "you can be an activist just by cleaning, by planting a tree, by talking to different people about our environment, and learning how to conserve and protect our planet." However, being an activist in Uganda was, and still is, a challenge especially since every protest and every strike brought with it the fear of getting arrested or threatened by the authorities. In spite of this, Evelyn has since founded the Plus One Tree Project, leading reforestation efforts in Uganda, and strongly advocates for the inclusion of climate change in education curricula.

Today, Evelyn works closely with Vanessa Natake (see below) and continues to push for collective global action against the climate crisis and its socioeconomic effects, i.e., the health and wellbeing of high-risk communities and the disproportionate effect on girls' education.

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Vanessa Nakate

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.

Vanessa Nakate is a climate activist based in Uganda, spearheading campaigns to raise awareness about climate change and its effects, advocating for political change and activating youth to take action.

Vanessa started her journey as a climate activist in 2018 at 22 when she noticed the stark and disproportionate effects of climate change affecting her community and became increasingly concerned for those bearing the brunt of the climate crisis. What started out as a solitary strike to protest government inaction, Vanessa grew into a movement. She founded Youth for Future Africa and the Rise Up Movement, organizations focused on amplifying the voices of those experiencing the acute effects of climate change and inspiring youth to join the climate action movement.

In 2021, Vanessa was highlighted emerging leaders of tomorrow in TIME100 Next. She has also published A Bigger Picture: My Fight to Bring a New African Voice to the Climate Crisis, a part-manifesto and part-memoir, outlining her climate justice journey and the critical need to build a livable future for all.

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