Tayler Hernandez

By: RC Intern Published: 07/03/2019

Tayler joined the Results Carleton University Group in early fall 2018 and has proven to be a driving force ever since. In addition to her involvement with Results Canada, Tayler also sits on a Youth Advisory Council to provide perspective to a Working Group that aims to further the Sustainable Development Goal 4 on quality education.

Results Carleton University recently co-organized a panel discussion during International Development Week, with another club on-campus. Here’s what Tayler had to share:

“As someone who is passionate about international development work, I believe that an important step towards making progress is gaining knowledge on the topic by engaging in open and honest discussions and asking the sometimes difficult but important questions needed to create change. These discussions also help to raise awareness on global issues. 

International Development Week provides the opportunity to celebrate previous accomplishments in the development sector while also thinking critically about next steps. Thanks to my prior knowledge and experience in this field, I helped organize and moderated this event as a way to provide Carleton students with the chance to learn more about the sector and be a part of this process. The ‘TogethHer: A Panel on Gender and Development’ event featured panelists from different areas within the fields of gender and development. Having both professors and sector professionals, provided students with diverse insights and expertise around the significance of gender in development and how these two fields intersect.

To me, the powerful thing about advocacy is being able to speak out on issues that you care about and seizing opportunities to amplify the stories of others to demonstrate that these issues matter. My hope is that students left the panel discussion feeling more informed on the topic of gender and development, and as a result more inspired to take action.” 

Thank you Tayler for championing education and gender equality!

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