take part in #17ActionsForIDEP and tap into the #PowerOfAdvocacy

By: Results Canada Published: 13/09/2023

We know a world free of poverty is possible. We dream big at Results – and our advocacy and volunteers have big impact.

Dream with us.

You have the power to advocate and raise funds to end extreme poverty. You can be a #GameChanger.

Throughout October, in honour of the International Day to Eradicate Poverty (IDEP) and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, we are fundraising for #PowerOfAdvocacy with #17ActionsForIDEP.

We invite you to get ready by creating your personal donation page and downloading the fillable #17ActionsForIDEP checklist!

In 1992, the UN General Assembly called on countries to undertake concrete activities towards eradicating poverty on October 17th for IDEP. This is what Results and our dedicated volunteers do every day. IDEP is our day to build momentum and ramp up efforts to achieve our mission.

We invite you to harness the #PowerOfAdvocacy by taking 17 concrete advocacy actions and raising funds for Results in October so we can end extreme poverty and achieve the 2030 SDG targets.

The 17 actions include effective, concrete advocacy tactics such as writing a letter to the editor, calling your member of parliament, creatively educating your peers, and fundraising. Find out how many #17ActionsForIDEP you can take in a month and be a #GameChanger.

At Results we work with everyday people become powerful advocates for change – and give them the knowledge, skills, and support they need to connect with decision makers who have the power to end extreme poverty. Our volunteers all over Canada advocate for improved policies and increased funding to secure advances in these critical areas: global health equity, education, and economic opportunity.

The funds you raise for Results will be leveraged for training advocates to make big impact. We’re aiming for $17,000 in one month and we know we can do it because of you. We know better than most how small actions by individuals like you can bring in big results.

To recognize your efforts, we will have prizes for completing the most actions and raising the most money, as well as certificates to recognize exceptional skills.

Start right now by creating your personal donation page and downloading your fillable #17ACtionsForIDEP checklist!

Take action now to create hope and solutions.

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Creating your donation page:

  1. Go to bit.ly/17ActionsforIDEP
  2. Click on the “Create my own fundraising page!” button
  3. Enter your name (that you want to appear on your page) and email.  
  4. Go to your email (potentially your junk/spam mail folder) and look for 2 emails that were just sent (there should not be any delay):  
    • Email #1 is to help you personalize your fundraising page (save this email because you’ll need the link if you want make any changes later on)  
    • Email #2 is an email you can forward to your peers (once you have personalized your page) and it also contains your public fundraising page link that you should share with peers 
  1. Follow the steps explained in the email  
    • Decide how much you want to raise towards our ambitious target of $17,000 and put in your personal fundraising goal by clicking on the pencil 
    • Add your own photo if you want  
    • Write why you are taking part in this: include a personal story of your favourite advocacy moment to inspire people to see the power of advocacy and get involved. 
  1. Start sharing your page – make sure you are sharing the public link and not the one that you need to edit your page.

For full instructions with images, click here or watch this instructional video.

If you have any questions at all, please contact action@resultscanada.ca. 

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