Take Action Alert: World Refugee Day

By: Results Canada Published: 20/06/2023

children in emergencies deserve quality education 

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Today on World Refugee Day, take action alongside Canadians from coast to coast to coast, urging Canada to prioritize early childhood development in emergencies at December’s Global Refugee Forum by renewing commitments to global education for learners in fragile contexts.

A shocking report by Save the Children found that the top 20 refugee-hosting low- and middle-income countries paid more than US$23 billion in interest payments on external debt alone in 2020. This is enough to send every refugee child in these countries to school for nearly five years. Read our current call-to-action to learn more about how to advocate for reforms in the global financial system to address these inequities.

Currently, over 76% of the world’s refugees live in low- and middle-income countries and around 36.5 million children have been displaced as consequence of conflict and violence as of the end of 2021. With natural disasters, conflict, pandemics, and the effects of climate change on the rise, we must focus our efforts on ensuring that children in emergencies are not forgotten and have access to quality education Canada has an opportunity to renew commitments in global education and prioritize early childhood development in emergencies at the upcoming Global Refugee Forum (GRF) in December.

The Forum comes at a pivotal moment. An historic investment into education made at the 2018 G7 through the Charlevoix Declaration was not renewed in Canada’s Budget 2023, threatening the right to education for millions of young people around the world. The Declaration had incredible impact, reaching 4 million girls and women living in fragile contexts across 55 projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. We can’t throw this impact away and leave girls and women behind.

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Step 2:Let the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau know you care about early childhood development and global education by amplifying our tweet, Instagram post, and Facebook post, add your own thoughts, and tag your MP

*These actions are happening in tandem with other international development organizations working in education across the sector!

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