our Strategic Plan (2024-2027)

By: Results Canada Published: 03/01/2024

Our vision for the world is bold, and our ambition and actions must be too.

Results Canada has a rich history that spans almost 40 years. Our legacy of impact is one we take pride in – and provides fertile ground from which we can grow. However, since our aspirations and our objectives are bold, so should our willingness to adapt, to learn, to modernize, and to take chances.

In our last strategic plan (2019-2023), we committed to growing our movement, continually sharpening our campaign strategies, testing new revenue models, re-invigorating our brand, boosting the efficiency and effectiveness of our systems, and prioritizing our staff. We are proud to have achieved progress in these areas and more, even in the face of a global pandemic that brought unforeseeable challenges.

With this strategic plan, The Power to End Poverty, our goal is to build on the accomplishments and solid foundation that were fulfilled through the last plan and chart a new course for growth and impact through 2027.

This plan is deeply informed by a global context where convergent crises are creating unprecedented peril for millions, and a global reckoning on structural oppression is forcing a ‘re-think’ and realignment of how we work in the international sector.

While we will continue to prioritize the strategic pillars of impact, movement building, and organizational strengthening that appeared in our last plan, this strategic plan includes a new pillar, shifting power.

Over the next four years, Results Canada will strive to be bold – weaving together priorities, objectives, and actions. Be bold with us and help us achieve the ambitious goals of this plan by volunteering or donating today.

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