Sherry Moran - 2020 volunteer award winner

By: RC Intern Published: 28/09/2020

It’s no secret that our volunteers are amazing! Time after time, they make incredible efforts to get informed and take action to advocate for a world without extreme poverty. Our Results Canada 2020 Volunteer Awards puts the spotlight on a few of our volunteers, but we have so much appreciation for the contributions of every single one.

This month, we’re featuring the winner of our Chameleon Award: Sherry Moran.

Sherry Moran - chameleon award

This volunteer does it all! With the ability to adapt depending on the environment and which actions will be most effective, she knows the value of combining actions to have the greatest impact.

Sherry is a driven and dedicated volunteer who continuously uses the various tools in her advocacy toolbox to take significant and effective actions. From contacting decision makers to raising her voice on social media and supporting fellow volunteers, Sherry’s passion is reflected in her advocacy.

Four years ago, Sherry attended the Results Canada National Conference as a brand-new volunteer. She immediately joined in on taking action by participating in our Advocacy day and meeting MPs.

“I learned quickly by jumping in the deep end of the pool, but the water was warm and it felt right.”    

Sherry is often meeting with Members of Parliament (MPs) and writing LTEs that are frequently published in national newspapers. While she feels gratification knowing that her words are reaching people across Canada, she is proudest when her letters are published in her hometown newspaper.

“Perhaps it is because it’s where I was nurtured, and that’s where my values come from.”

Sherry’s passion for advocacy and global health is contagious; in addition to her various actions, she is often sharing resources with fellow volunteers to ensure everyone has the information needed to create significant impact.

“Advocacy was what drew me to Results - there is no better feeling than ‘selling’ a message that you are passionate about, and ending extreme poverty through better global health and education is truly something to believe in!"

Congratulations Sherry for winning the Chameleon Award and thank you for your continuous advocacy efforts in support of global health and education!

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