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By: Results Canada Published: 22/08/2023

We’re looking for success stories from you about when you took action to end extreme poverty and saw the impact of that action. Impact could include someone hearing you or something happened. Or it could be personal – did you gain confidence or take action that required bravery that you’re proud of? 

We want to share these stories to inspire others to join the movement. They will be included in our #17ActionsForIDEP campaign in October in honour of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (IDEP) on the 17th.  

IDEP is a globally recognized day to stand in solidarity with those living in extreme poverty. All month long, we will harness the power of transformational solidary and advocacy by challenging ourselves to take 17 actions to end extreme poverty and getting people to support us and raise funds that Results will leverage for big impact. 

Your stories are the inspiration we need right now to get people on board to help us end extreme poverty. 

Having trouble getting started? Read Safia's story!

Favourite Advocacy Moment

Throughout my advocacy work, I witnessed several powerful moments, but one that stands out was when I, together with representatives from other organizations, met with 11 legislators via Zoom during World Immunization Week.

We shared the same message of supporting vaccines to protect people of all ages worldwide from vaccine-preventable diseases, but most importantly, with the G7 only a few weeks away, we were urging Canada to encourage fair and equitable vaccine distribution to save lives. We had a meeting with MP Sameer Zahid. Not only did he listen, but he also took the time to convey our requests to the Commons, urging Canada to end COVID everywhere, especially in India, which was undergoing a devastating second wave of COVID. He subsequently shared the video with me on Twitter, explaining that he was acting in response to our advocacy work.
This impactful advocacy moment was a great reminder of the power of regular folks to make a difference. It highlighted the importance of collaboration, persistence and the ability to influence policy decisions to end extreme poverty.

- Safia Ibrahim, April 2021

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