Sam Weller

By: Melissa Published: 14/12/2019

Passionate, motivated, and full of life, Sam has been a dedicated volunteer with Results Canada since 2001 and has supported the organization in many ways throughout that time. His hard work and dedication to local and global issues has not only made Sam a vital voice within our organization but also within his community.

Sam’s training as a Chartered Accountant has proven useful in his many years of volunteering. He has served on the boards of his professional accounting associations, Capilano University, the NEED society as well as Results Canada. In 2005, he started volunteering with the Canadian Executive Service Organization (CESO) which sends professionals on short-term consulting assignments to countries in the Global South and First Nations communities in Canada. Since then he has been on many missions, which included training a Cameroonian council in financial management, helping to connect Bolivian government agencies through a data-sharing agreement, teaching accounting to First Nations finance staff and mentoring small businesses in Tanzania.

In 2019, Sam was recognized for his dedication to international development by the Governor General of Canada and was awarded with the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers!

When asked how he felt about receiving such a prestigious award Sam said:

“It was a great honour to receive this medal in recognition of my International volunteer work. But I must give credit to Results for teaching me so much about international development. That was extremely useful on all my missions.”

We are so glad to have you Sam! Thank you for your dedication and commitment to ending world poverty!

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