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By: Results Canada Published: 08/07/2024

Date: July 24, 2024

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In 2023, 21 million children remained under-immunized or zero-dose, missing out on essential life-saving vaccines. This is brought on by poor access to health services, most commonly due to reasons such as conflict, climate change, poverty, isolation, or displacement. Community health workers play a key role in reaching these children through creative strategies, implemented in partner countries with the support and expertise of global health initiatives.

To mark the start of #ForOurFuture campaign, we're bringing together immunization experts with diverse perspectives, from experts in health systems strengthening to local advocates with first-hand experience. Register now to connect with and celebrate the accomplishments of vaccine advocates around the world!


Portrait of Dr. Mike Mulongo

Dr. Mike Mulongo 

Mike is a medical doctor, Mandela Washington Fellow, and the Health Financing Advisor for WACI Health. With an MBA in Healthcare Management and over 10 years’ experience in healthcare delivery, entrepreneurship, and management, he is passionate about health financing, systems strengthening, and equity. 

Sedoten (Debby) Nuatin

Sedoten runs the immunization unit at Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) and is the Assistant Chief Hospital Administrator and Human Resources. She engages with parents in remote villages to educate on the importance of immunization. Sedoten is also a polio survivor.

Dr. Mohamad Jasiem

Mohamad is a cardiologist from Syria who has worked with victims of war and refugees. Currently he leads a team as the Manager of EWARN (Early Learning Alert and Response Network) where they detect vaccine-preventable diseases to stop transmission.

Rita Rhayem

Rita is Head of Equitable Immunization Programs at Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. Prior to this, she was the Health and HIV Advisor for Caritas Internationalis, President of the Sphere Board, and Director General of Caritas Lebanon. Rita holds a PharmD, MBA in Health Management, and MA in Gender Studies.

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