we direct our energy and efforts in ways to make the greatest impact for people living in poverty

To make real and lasting impact in the most critical areas, we focus our work on the key underlying causes of poverty to shine a spotlight on the issues that matter:

Health: When people are malnourished or suffer from disease and poor health, it limits their ability to learn, to develop, and to care for their loved ones. We believe that good health shouldn’t depend on where someone is born. That’s why we focus our work in Health in these key areas:

Education: Without an education, people struggle to unlock life’s opportunities and have to fight for their rights. We believe that education is a right, not a privilege, and is central to ending poverty. Our education work includes:

  • Education for all
  • Right to Education Index

Economic opportunity: Without a job or financial services like a bank account or insurance, it becomes very hard to build a sustainable future. We believe that access to decent work and financial services can transform the lives of people on low or erratic incomes.

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