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By: RC Intern Published: 08/04/2019

“Citizen advocates are the fuel that has powered Results’s impact for more than 30 years. With heart and hard work, our volunteer advocates have contributed to some of the world’s biggest wins in the fight to end extreme poverty - from cutting child deaths in half to ensuring millions more kids have access to education. By standing up for a world that values hope and solutions over cynicism or apathy, they are not only global citizens, they are global heroes.”

– Chris Dendys, Results Canada Executive Director

Did you know that millions of Canadians volunteer every year? From April 7 to April 13 2019, Canada shines the spotlight on Canadian volunteers from coast to coast, and there’s a lot to celebrate!

At Results Canada we’re grateful and fortunate to have many incredible individuals who work tirelessly towards a world without extreme poverty. Our engaged volunteers engage in an array of actions: they raise awareness through global initiatives like the World Tuberculosis Day, they write hundreds of letters to the editor, they engage with their Members of Parliament, they spread awareness on social media, and they do a lot more to help make positive change around the world. Thanks to these countless and strategic actions, volunteers have immensely contributed to incredible wins in 2018, which led to increased resources for programs and improved policies that mobilize health, education and opportunity for those that need it most.

Being part of Results Canada means being part of a family of individuals who truly care and share a vision that change is possible. Together, we support each other, we explore and learn about the power of advocacy, and we become leaders of change - a movement of empowered citizens!

Thank you to all the volunteers who have made this community what it is today, and for your dedication and passion towards a more just and equal world!

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