Nina Huynh – 2020 volunteer award winner

By: RC Intern Published: 19/08/2020

It’s no secret that our volunteers are amazing! Time after time, they make incredible efforts to get informed and take action to advocate for a world without extreme poverty. Our Results Canada 2020 Volunteer Awards puts the spotlight on a few of our volunteers, but we have so much appreciation for the contributions of every single one.

This month, we’re featuring the winner of our Most Active New Volunteer Award: Nina Huynh

Nina Huynh - most active new volunteer award

This year, this award goes to 2 people who started volunteering with Results since the last national conference in May 2018 and have already had a significant impact.

As one of two winners of the Most Active New Volunteer Award, Nina shows immense passion and dedication in her efforts to end extreme poverty. She was first introduced to Results Canada at the Canadian Conference of Global Health while completing her Masters of Global Health at McMaster University.

“The saying, ‘Nothing About Us, Without Us,’ really resonates with me and is a concept I believe also aligns with Results … Results left a lasting impression on me and after I completed my Master’s degree I moved to Ottawa to pursue a career in Global Health and officially joined Results Canada.”

With a background in global health, Nina is familiar with both the challenges and the satisfaction that comes with doing advocacy in this field. She recalls her hesitation about getting involved and how quickly that hesitation went away when she heard others in the community speak about their passion for health equity.

“I have always found the global health community to be so welcoming as individuals are constantly learning from each other’s experience and knowledge. It is an empowering experience to be in the same room as others who are just as passionate as you are on a topic.” 

One moment Nina is particularly proud of during her time with Results was when she wrote her first letter to the editor (LTE) and got it published in two different newspapers. A few weeks later, the Canadian government announced its investment in the global vaccine programs Gavi and GPEI.

“In this moment as a young professional just starting out her career in global health, I truly felt like my voice was heard. It is an amazing feeling to see your passion for health equity intertwine with political advocacy on paper, further motivating me to give a voice to those who are considered ‘invisible populations’.”

Nina believes that advocacy and action are key to illuminating the world’s inequities and building the political will to create impactful change.

“A strong sense of community can be created through the work of advocacy, which can ultimately lead to social movements. Slowly through small increments, I believe together we can make the world more just for all, regardless of location and socioeconomic status.” 

Congratulations Nina on winning the most active new volunteer award and thank you for your passion and dedication to making a difference!

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