National Volunteer Week volunteer showcase

By: RC Intern Published: 15/04/2021

Results volunteers are awesome!

For National Volunteer Week, we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight some of many passionate and dedicated volunteers who continuously give their time to advocate for a world free of extreme poverty. Our volunteers come from across Canada, forming groups and taking action within their communities. From writing letters to the editors (LTEs) to engaging parliamentarians, their collective actions create a powerful force for change. 

The Results Canada volunteer community is ever expanding. At the beginning of 2020, there were nine groups and 100 volunteers, and we have since grown to 30 groups and over 300 volunteers, plus over 20 Fellows in our new Fellowship program! Check out our YouTube channel to hear from our volunteers Nina Huynh and Adrianna Lemieux on why they chose to volunteer with Results. 

Every month, our volunteers take strategic action, using the power of their personal resources and skills to demand change. We want to recognize the hard work of our volunteers in highlighting some of our many volunteers who made exceptional contributions!

rising star

With all of the volunteers joining us, we are noticing so many extraordinary advocacy efforts and we consider Shahithya one among many of our rising stars!

promising new group leader: Shahithya Ravindran (Scarborough group, ON)

After attending the Results Canada National Conference, Shahithya met with her Member of Parliament (MP) during a Week of Action which inspired her to join Results and start her very own group. In no time, her group was meeting regularly, taking action and had an engaging social media presence (see @results_scarborough on Instagram). Shahithya is determined not to let the challenges of a fully virtual environment limit her group’s ability to take action and create change.

getting published

Results volunteers are experts in writing LTEs and getting their demands for change published in local and national newspapers. This week, we are highlighting three volunteers for their dedication to writing LTEs, and we encourage you to check out all of the actions taken by Results volunteers. 

volunteer with the widest reach: Zohra Khatoon (Ottawa group, ON)

The most published volunteer in 2020 was Zohra Khatoon, whose LTE was published 50 times in local newspapers across the country! Zohra started volunteering with Results in August 2020 and has already had a profound impact. 

“Results Canada is a great and a much needed organization in our community, which I came across in the summer of 2020, in need to connect and contribute to my community during this pandemic and realized its vision is crucial and attainable. I continue to be a volunteer with that same enthusiasm because I have seen the results and significant impact of our work, which inspires me to do more, as our voices are really heard and efforts are not in vain.”

2021 Frontrunner: Connie Lebeau (Victoria Group, BC)

The 2021 LTE frontrunner is currently Connie Lebeau, with 22 published since January. This volunteer from Victoria is continuously submitting LTEs and is keeping up her drive and dedication into this new year. 

“I love being a part of the team at Results Canada because we do get results. I have learned how to make my voice heard in our democracy and most importantly, I can sleep at night knowing that I have made a difference in the lives of those who live in poverty”

Most consistently published in 2020: Randy Rudolph (Calgary group, AB)

In 2020, Randy Rudolf was published 7 months out of the year, for a total of 37 individual publications under his belt. It looks like he’s aiming to do the same this year, with 20 LTEs already published in January, February, and March!

“Results does great and smart work. Always very effectively looking for the trimtab in issues of the greatest importance to humanity. It’s fulfilling to be part of that kind of work and seeing the difference individual action, collectively, can make. I'm proud to be part of the volunteers for Results.”

engaging parliamentarians 

A key element of Results advocacy is parliamentary engagement and our volunteers build strategic relationships with Members of Parliament (MPs) to amplify our mission and push for changes in our government. During the 2020 Week of Action in November, two Results groups took a big step beyond MP engagement and met with senators. 

Victoria volunteers with Senator Mobina Jaffer
  1. Volunteers from the Ottawa group, Sherry Moran, Jean-François Tardif, Urvashi Rathod, and Chelsea Bartosik met with Senator Gwen Boniface. 
  2. Volunteers from the Victoria group, Anita Mark, Nathaniel Poole, and Frances Beckow met with Senator Mobina Jaffer. A big kudos to these volunteers for taking this initiative and continuously looking for new ways to make an impact. Take a look at all parliamentary actions taken by our volunteers. 

In December 2020, Ottawa volunteers Jean-François Tardif and Leticia Sanchez Vega reached out to a primary school in Gatineau to teach students about advocacy. Over 35 students each wrote a personal letter to Ministers Gould and Freeland, urging them to support pandemic recovery in low-income countries, along with a collective open letter which was published in LeDroit

To meet even more volunteers, you can watch many more volunteer testimonials on our YouTube and find read more stories on our website about our Fellows and volunteers.

volunteer milestones 

In 2020, our volunteers’ dedicated efforts helped secure Canadian pledges of CAD$600M to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance (GAVI), CAD$190M to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI), and CAD$1.2 billion in new and additional funding for the global COVID-19 response. This included funding for the Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator and for addressing the development and humanitarian impacts of the pandemic. Over the year, the collective strategic actions taken by Results volunteers across Canada pushed for change and were able to influence decision makers to make these significant investments, which are essential in supporting equitable opportunities worldwide. In 2021, for World Tuberculosis Day (March 24), our volunteers lit up in red a record number of landmarks across Canada to show solidarity. Coming up in July 2021 is the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) replenishment, and we look forward to seeing more advocacy success and big investments!

feeling inspired?

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