meet Ori - the artist behind #ReachEveryChild!

By: Results Canada Published: 11/01/2024

If you have been keeping up with our campaigns and social media, then you might have noticed the adorable faces of some mini advocates!

Keeping on theme with our focus on children in 2024 through our year-long #ReachEveryChild campaign, we have partnered with Ori, a Calgary-based illustrator and graphic designer, to develop a children’s book look for our monthly campaigns.

We wanted to take this opportunity for you to get to know her as we look forward to seeing her beautiful artwork over the year.

“Hi!! I’m Ori, I’m an illustrator and graphic designer from Venezuela, based in Calgary, AB and I have been drawing since my mom’s belly! My illustration style is very cartoony and colourful, I love drawing really BIG eyes! because… Aren't they the window to our soul??

As a parent, I understand the profound importance of ensuring that every child has access to the most basic necessities in life. 

I love being part of this campaign, adding colors and making a meaningful difference in the lives of children, paving the way for a brighter future for them.”

In January, we're calling on you to influence #Budget2024 by urging the Canadian government to increase its International Assistance Envelope (IAE) every year and invest in children's immunization, nutrition, and education. Can you spot these priorities in the illustration above? To learn more, visit our current call-to-action page.

Want to learn more about Ori and her work? Hop on over to her website here.

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