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By: Results Canada Published: 08/05/2024

Results Canada feels like home, in part because I’ve been connected to it for almost two decades! In 2006, I first stumbled upon a posting for a job called “National Coordinator” for an organization I had never heard of. But I was lit up by the mission (to create the political will to end poverty), the how (through advocacy) and the who (grassroots volunteers).

I was hooked. I had already spent years working to change the world and fighting for social justice from the inside (in politics, on parliament hill, in government) and from the outside (through civil society orgs). Results seemed to bridge both worlds – and seemed a perfect fit.

Today, I’m the Executive Director of Results. I broke up my 18-year affiliation by leaving to join the executive team of an international development organization for 6 years, Nutrition International, and to do some consulting. However, in 2017 when Results was looking for an interim ED to help-out for the short term, I said yes. That was 7 years ago. After a few months of ‘helping out’, I realized I had come home.

Besides our mission and our tremendous commitment to impact, I love the people at Results. When I joined, I was part of a staff of 4. Today, I’m fortunate to lead a team of 12 professionals who are among the most dedicated, strategically savvy, and hard-working people I have ever met. Beyond the staff, I’m continually amazed by Results’ powerful grassroots volunteers. From day one I’ve been inspired by the power of these everyday people who dedicate their time and energy to building a better world. Our volunteers have been a constant source of inspiration and a reminder that anything is possible. I know because I’ve had a front row seat to some pretty big advocacy wins over the years.

Beyond Results, I’ve loved being a mom to four amazing kids – who have been on this journey with me. My youngest was only 3 years old when I joined Results in 2006! Thanks to the global work and amazing friends from around the world that Results has opened the door to, my kids learned from a young age that the world didn’t end at their elbows. I think that example has helped them on their journey to becoming caring, compassionate, and responsible young adults. Recently we also adopted a fur-baby, Sadie – a rescue pup/street dog from the Caribbean. She’s caring, compassionate, and completely irresponsible! Aside from that, I love time at our fixer-up cabin in the Gatineau Hills, kayaking, enjoying friends, and producing really bad art.

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