Leigh Raithby - Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer

By: Results Canada Published: 10/01/2024

Leigh Raithby is Results Canada’s Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer leading our tuberculosis (TB) work. This has been an exciting file for the past couple of years, as TB took centre stage in many of Results Canada’s recent campaigns – including the Global Fund replenishment in 2022 and the UN High-Level Meeting on TB in 2023.

Prior to joining Results Canada in 2021, Leigh completed her Bachelor of Health Sciences and Master of Management of Applied Science in Global Health Systems at Western University. At this time, like most people who grew up in Canada, Leigh had very little knowledge of TB and wasn’t aware of the staggering burden that this ancient disease was continuing to have across all regions of the world. It didn’t take Leigh long, however, to become a passionate advocate in the fight to end TB. As she learned more about TB, it became clear to her that the prevalence of TB was a direct indicator of the structural and social determinants that put people at risk of disease. The more Leigh learns about TB, the more her passion and dedication to this cause grows.

For the past three years, Leigh has been working with global partners, national networks, and Results Canada volunteers to move the needle towards TB elimination. She is inspired by the potential for impact in addressing TB. Leigh understands that the main barriers to TB elimination are political rather than scientific. She is determined to couple her strong advocacy skills with the political knowledge she has developed through Results to generate the political will necessary to end TB. Leigh is motivated by Results Canada’s recent progress in this space, including through Canada's investments in the Global Fund and TB REACH. She is keen to continue building on this impact to scale up efforts in the quest to end TB.

Outside of work, Leigh enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking and running with friends. She has completed a few half-marathons and is working her way up to conquering the full 42.2km marathon. When she is not running, reading or cooking, Leigh is planning her next trip. Next up on her bucket list are hiking through Chile and visiting her childhood friend who is living in Dubai.

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