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By: RC Intern Published: 25/10/2021

Parliamentary engagement is core to what we do at Results. Every conversation fuels and inspires us to persevere, educate, inspire, and equip people with the tools they need to end poverty.  

Whether during an election period or not, it is important to engage in the political process so that Canada’s decision makers know we care about global issues. Every letter, conversation, meeting, and phone call with our Members of Parliament (MPs) and senators helps move the needle and bring us one step closer to our goal.  

No matter what happens when you engage with a parliamentarian, the important thing is you spoke up! Find out some lessons learned from four experienced volunteers.

engaging with Members of Parliament: Veda, Charanya, and Swetha 

Hear incredible stories from three of our volunteers who engaged directly with their MP and find out how amazing MP meetings can be! 

engaging with electoral candidates: Sherry Moran 

Elections are another exciting time for volunteers! It is a great opportunity to be heard by candidates and learn about Canada’s political process.  

Elections offer a critical opportunity to shape government priorities. By meeting with candidates ahead of voting day, volunteers can influence, inform, educate and build relationships with potential MPs. Here were Sherry’s words of wisdom to prepare us for the 2021 election. Her experience can help inform how volunteers and staff take action during elections in the future:  

“Any federal election is an opportunity to recommend that more Canadian dollars be devoted to ending extreme poverty.   During the 2019 election, I attended all-candidates meetings in several local ridings. More importantly, I attempted to meet with candidates for major parties ahead of time to ensure they were well-informed about global health and education, and how both impact poverty. The candidates are usually very welcoming as they want to be prepared when advocates such as Results volunteers show up at all-candidates meetings.   
Sometimes questions must be submitted in writing and are put to candidates by a moderator; other times people are allowed to line up at the mic to ask their question on the spot. That is the moment to speak passionately about why Canadian leadership and aid matters so much. Speak clearly and from the heart; if your voice is authentic, the candidates and the crowd will hear you.”  

Learn more from Sherry’s advocacy experience and take a look at other volunteer stories! 

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