Jeanette Aubin - 2020 volunteer award winner

By: Camille Published: 27/10/2020

It’s no secret that our volunteers are amazing! Time after time, they make incredible efforts to get informed and take action to advocate for a world without extreme poverty. Our Results Canada 2020 Volunteer Awards puts the spotlight on a few of our volunteers, but we have so much appreciation for the contributions of every single one.

This month, we’re featuring the winner of our behind the scenes award: Jeannette Aubin.

Jeanette Aubin: behind the scenes award

This volunteer understands the importance of making sure operations run smoothly, is active behind the scenes and helps support the production of resources and tools. 

Jeanette joined us 8 years ago after attending a fundraiser at the invitation of a Results member. She too wanted to influence our political leaders so that those most in need would receive help.  She has been a volunteer ever since! 

“I appreciate that Results Canada is so highly regarded by Ottawa politicians and other NGOs.”

She is a modest but indispensable pillar of her group in Victoria, BC. Jeanette ensures a meeting space is available and ready for her group and consistently contributes to the group’s actions by writing letters and meeting her Member of Parliament. 

Though she lives on the West Coast, we were lucky enough to count her in at the 2018 national Conference in Ottawa.

“Going to Ottawa was a high point in my time with Results.”

But Jeanette wasn’t always the advocate she is today.

“Before I joined Results, I knew very little about creating political will. Prior to Results, I had been donating to various charities who do good work, and I still do this, but being in an organization that  focusses, not on fund raising, but on creating the will on the part of politicians to fund those in greatest need is great. This made so much sense to me. I have learned so much about poverty, and the impacts of it on the poorest of the poor and what is needed to eradicate it.”

She particularly rejoices at the volunteer network’s recent successes.

“When Prime Minister Trudeau recently announced renewed funding for GAVI and GPEI, this was another high point in my time with Results Canada. Just to know that all of us across Canada played a major role in achieving this, is certainly something of which I am very proud.”

Congratulations Jeanette for winning the behind the scenes award and thank you for your continuous advocacy efforts in support of global health and education!

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