How the Calgary Tower lit up our volunteer Harini

By: Results Canada Published: 07/02/2024

Most people underestimate the power of small actions, especially since they are right under our noses. However, through volunteering at Results Canada, I have realized that these small actions of advocacy significantly impact spreading awareness within communities and encouraging people to learn more about issues and people worldwide.  

Last March, I noticed the Calgary Tower lit up in red. I did not know why, as it is rare that this monument is lit up in different colours. I searched it up and realized it was for World Tuberculosis (TB) Day. By recognizing this event, I could educate myself on TB by reading articles. Soon after, I started volunteering for Results Canada and found out that they were responsible for this event, and it changed my perspective of how the smallest gestures and actions are some of the most powerful forms of advocacy.  

Volunteering for Results Canada opened my eyes to how we can impact the world through multiple roles, such as improving community engagement among volunteers or attending national calls to discuss prevalent issues.  

Most importantly, volunteers at Results Canada have done a tremendous job making progress toward the organization’s mission to eradicate poverty through writing and publishing many Op-Eds and LTEs and engaging with local MPs. Seeing the resilience of volunteers at Results Canada has also inspired me to keep advocating for global causes. 

Yes, we can end TB! 

by Results Canada volunteer Harini Gnanalingam

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