Happy National Volunteer Week!

By: Results Canada Published: 22/04/2022

It’s National Volunteer Week! Every week of the year, but particularly this week, it’s time to celebrate and thank our passionate and committed volunteers who give time and energy in support of an end to extreme poverty globally - we are so grateful for each and every one of you. Our volunteers come from across Canada, forming groups and taking action within their communities. From writing letters to the editors (LTEs) to engaging parliamentarians, their collective actions create a powerful force for change.

The National Volunteer Week 2022 theme is: Volunteering is empathy in action

“Empathy is a quality that can help people relate to others and build awareness around different experiences. It connects people in ideas and actions and helps create bonds forged in common goals and aspirations. Volunteering can help us develop empathy, to see the world through the eyes of others. It can connect people from diverse backgrounds and life experiences, expanding our views. It can build our capacity to work collectively and contribute to a vibrant, inclusive society.” - Volunteer Canada

We are proud that all Results Canada volunteers, group leaders, provincial leaders, regional coordinators, and fellows contribute to making Results respectful, inclusive by placing empathy at the core of every action. That means being a voice for global solidarity while acknowledging that poverty is a global responsibility. Our volunteers aim to respect everyone’s agency, to empower themselves and uphold the power in others, no matter where they live. At Results, there are no saviours — only partners, advocates, and allies. When we miss the mark on our values, we will acknowledge our mistake, seek forgiveness, learn, and work together as a community to pursue equity.

Let’s highlight some of many volunteers who continuously give their time to advocate for a world free of extreme poverty. Scroll through this Prezi to read about some amazing volunteers:

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