Happy International Volunteer Day

By: RC Intern Published: 30/11/2021

What is a volunteer? By definition, a volunteer is someone who willingly gives of their free time, lending their skills and passion to an activity or cause in which they believe. But a volunteer is so much more than that. A volunteer is really a hero. Volunteers provide the insights, energy, ingenuity, and action-taking that help make big things happen. Volunteers truly have the power to change the world. 

That’s why, on International Volunteer Day (December 5), we salute you. You are the powerhouses around the world who make Results such a vital player in the work of alleviating poverty and creating impact. Thanks to your commitment, we are able to act boldly in solidarity with those experiencing poverty, endeavoring to change public policy toward a better life for all.  

We are grateful for all you do every day of the year - but we are thrilled to be able to take time on International Volunteer Day to celebrate you, to say thank you, and to express how excited we are for all that is ahead as we work together. Results belongs to a global partnership called ACTION and to mark the Day, we wanted to showcase a few of you. Join us as we take a journey around the world to hear from some of our incredible volunteers. 


Sajjad Jessa, volunteer advocate from Scarborough, Ontario

Adrianna Lemieux, Regional Coordinator in Montreal, Quebec

United States 

Jacoby Gonzales, RESULTS US volunteer in Tulsa, Oklahoma

United Kingdom 

Kehinde, RESULTS UK volunteer campaigner


Bruna, Christian and Anika, Results Australia advocates

We hope these volunteers’ stories empower you to continue taking action throughout the year. You can find out more about the amazing Results Canada volunteers and see more stories on our volunteers page.  

Also, as part of our year-end call-to-action throughout December, join us as we #CelebrateResults!  

Thank you from the Results team.

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