Gurpreet Singh

By: Melissa Published: 25/03/2020

“Results Canada is the right platform to learn new things such as advocacy, global perspective, helping others, and what’s going on around the world.” Passionate about international development, Gurpreet volunteers as a Results Regional Leader because he enjoys giving back to the community and using his voice to help others.   

Gurpreet’s professional experience with health care and advocacy sparked his interest in Results. “When I noticed Results’ website and explored a bit, I found it was the right fit for me, and I could relate my previous work experience with this.”

Gurpreet started his career working for the Revised National Tuberculosis (TB) control program working on TB, sanitation, and other health issues. He has since worked as a Youth Care practitioner, a Family Enhancement worker, and presently, as a Child and Family Services worker, where he uses advocacy to help his clients.

“I am feeling privileged to have experience working with diverse populations that includes children, youths, adults, people with special needs and mental health issues, Indigenous people and immigrants.”

As a Regional Leader in Winnipeg, Gurpreet oversees and supports the volunteer network in his region. He volunteers with Results because “giving back to the society and making a difference in people’s lives is my long-term goal. Whenever I find any opportunity that correlates to my mission, I don’t hesitate to stick with it.”

Thank you Gurpreet for your commitment to helping others and raising your voice for a world free of extreme poverty.

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