dear Prime Minister: an urgent message to end TB

By: Results Canada Published: 23/08/2023

In 2018, at the first United Nations High-Level Meeting (UN HLM) on TB, member states committed to providing US$2 billion annually for TB research and development (R&D) and for each donor country to contribute its “fair share”: 0.1% of its total R&D expenditure.   

Every year since this commitment was made, the world has failed to meet the target even as the burden of TB increased for the first time in two decades. Canada hasn’t contributed its fair share even once.   

To make matters worse, the annual funding need for TB R&D has more than doubled due to years of severe underfinancing as well as the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

That’s why we are calling on Canada to reaffirm its commitment to ending TB through Prime Minister Trudeau’s meaningful participation at the UN HLM on TB this September.  

But a political commitment isn't enough.  

Canada must back its word up with real action by meeting the updated “fair share” target of allocating 0.15% of its total R&D expenditure to TB and champion the development and delivery of new tools to prevent, diagnose, and treat TB. With the funding and political will to promote scientific development, game-changing innovations will bring us closer to a world where no one suffers from TB. 

Join us in calling for Canada to do its fair share by sharing this video and taking action:

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