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Get involved this National Volunteer Week

April 2021 - Get involved this National Volunteer Week! For an organization powered by the dedication of its volunteers, National Volunteer Week is an important week for Results Canada. This week-long celebration is an opportunity to highlight the tireless efforts our volunteers contribute all year and to share how much we appreciate them.

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Volunteers go above and beyond for World Tuberculosis (TB) Day despite the pandemic

March 2021 - Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, Results Canada volunteers made it clear on World TB Day (March 24, 2021) that they care about ending tuberculosis (TB). They demonstrated their collective voice by taking action to light up a record number of landmarks in red, securing Mayor proclamations, and gaining media attention.

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Fellowship across borders

March 2021 - A Fellowship program now exists in Canada thanks to a recent collaboration between RESULTS U.S. and Results Canada. The Fellowship program is a prime example of how sharing resources can lead to the building of a new initiative that can be implemented around the world.

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Black History Month in Canada

February 2021 - February is Black History Month in Canada. We must actively and intentionally weave anti-oppression into our advocacy to ensure that as we work to eliminate extreme poverty, we are simultaneously striving to eliminate structural and systemic white-supremacy, racism, and inequities.

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Participate in Canada's pre-budget consultations

February 2021 - Last spring, the Government of Canada was supposed to release their annual budget but due to increased financial uncertainty caused by the pandemic, it was put on hold. As many countries face inwards to address domestic needs, the devastating secondary effects of COVID-19 are widening the gaps of inequality around the world. Before February 19, make your voice heard in this year’s federal budget so we can #StopTheDeadlyDivide.

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Saying goodbye to 2020

December 2020 - When COVID-19 struck, Results volunteers stepped into high-gear. As early as April, we were all demanding Canadian leadership to #EndCovidEverywhere and calling on the government to invest the equivalent of at least 1% of what we’d spent on our domestic pandemic response to the global effort, or CAD$2.3B in new international aid.

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Take action on Oct 17: International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

October 2020 - The best defense against hopelessness? Taking action and getting results. Saturday October 17 is the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. It’s a day when the world pauses to reflect on the devastating impact of extreme poverty, violence and hunger. It’s also a day when we stand together powerfully with those living in poverty to commit to fighting for a more equitable and hopeful world.

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Solidarity and anti-racism: how to educate yourself and take action

June 2020 - Results Canada stands in solidarity with those directly impacted by the systemic racism and inequality that exists in every country in the world. In keeping with our experience in ‘education and action’, we have compiled the following list of resources to help you learn about anti-racism so you can take action against injustice.

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Impact of COVID-19 on global poverty reduction

May 2020 - The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed to us the frailty of even the strongest health systems worldwide and its impact will reverberate far beyond the health sector. One thing is clear: the poorest and most vulnerable are going to be hardest hit by the pandemic. [...]

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Compassion and solidarity: recognizing the power of our volunteers

April 2020 - We’re living in exceptional times. While there is a lot of uncertainty, there is also a lot of compassion and solidarity. Across the country and the world, people are stepping up to help one another – from family members and friends, to neighbours and strangers. Neighbours are picking up food, countless communities are […]

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Do's and Don'ts: How to talk about poverty and coronavirus

March 2020 - Words are powerful and the way we choose to communicate as global health advocates is important. Here are some messaging tips for you to consider when talking about poverty and the coronavirus:
DO: put marginalized communities at the center
DON'T: use “our” safety as justification for global action

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Seeing is believing: delegation to Tanzania highlights how Canada is making real impact abroad

‘Seeing is believing.’ It might sound cliché, but our parliamentary delegations prove that there is power and truth behind this phrase. Seeing the progress made towards ending extreme poverty and meeting the people whose lives have been impacted thanks to Canadian funding brings the story of Canadian aid to life and is an experience that […]

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