Calling on Canada to #KeepThePromise with our new campaign

By: Results Canada Published: 08/11/2022

In 2021 the Government of Canada reaffirmed its commitment to “increase Canada’s international development assistance every year towards 2030 to realize the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals”.

As global poverty advocates, we have seen the devastating impacts that COVID-19, conflict, and climate change have had on those living in extreme poverty. We also know that if we don’t support countries in need to tackle the problems that lead to extreme poverty like conflict, climate change and food insecurity, then Canadians will also be worse off. We must work together to ensure that the Canadian Government will #KeepThePromise to increase the International Assistance Envelope in 2023.

Each month, leading up to the release of the federal budget in spring 2023 we will advocate together for Canada to #KeepThePromise to invest in international assistance as a key pillar to tackle the world’s most pressing global challenges.

Our calls-to-action over the coming months will focus on different areas where an increase in international assistance would help fulfill a promise made by our government as well as contribute towards ending extreme poverty including around increasing access to quality education, ending the ongoing global hunger crisis, and tackling infectious diseases like tuberculosis.

Our tactics for this campaign will use key moments to influence the Federal Budget:

submitting budget recommendations

Results started in October by drafting submissions to the Parliamentary Committee on Finance to ensure our recommendations are on the official record. Several Results groups also submitted their own – thank you!

Results Canada partnered with ONE Canada and Global Citizen Canada on our budget submission.

attending budget consultations

Next, Members of Parliament (MPs) will hold their own budget consultations in their ridings from November to January. The outcomes of these consultations go straight to those in the Department of Finance who are pulling all the recommendations together and deciding which initiatives to move forward. These consultations are a pivotal opportunity to have your voice heard.

First time reaching out to your MP? Ask for help - email

engaging the media

There is a risk that if our government does not hear strong enough support for international assistance we may see not just a flatlining of Canadian aid but even a cut to the budget. While it’s important to input into the formal budget consultation process, we know that this government is swayed by other factors – including the media. By writing letters to the editor and engaging the media, particularly in February/March as we get closer to the budget release, we can amplify our voices and ensure international assistance is not on the chopping block. 

Got published? Share it on social media using #Canada4Results and tag your Member of Parliament.

On November 8 we had Parliamentary Secretary Anita Vandenbeld join our campaign kick off. She helped us learn more about the Federal Budget process and gave us tips on how to best engage. You can find the recording on our YouTube Channel.

Check out this month's call-to-action to get started now.

expert tip

Don’t underestimate the importance of showing up to your Member of Parliament’s (MP) pre-budget consultation. We spoke to one MP whose consultation was disrupted by a blizzard. Only sixteen constituents managed to make it out – four of whom were Results Canada volunteers. When this MP reported back to the budget drafters the outcomes of the consultation, they were able to say that “25% of people who participated supported an increase to international assistance”. 

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