An Investment in Impact: Canada Steps Up and Increases its Pledge to the Global Fund

By: Lisa Published: 29/08/2019

On Thursday August 22nd, 2019 the Canadian Government announced that it will be increasing its investment to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria by 15.7% to a total of CAD $930.4 Million over three years (2020 – 2022).  It is an investment that will contribute to 16 million lives saved – and is a testament to Canada’s continued leadership in global health.

RESULTS Canada applauds International Development Minister Maryam Monsef for ensuring Canada is continuing its legacy of leadership in fighting these devastating epidemics.

Today’s commitment comes after an exceptional effort by RESULTS Canada volunteers, who in solidarity with others across Canada, pushed for a strong pledge to the Global Fund.  In an eight-month-campaign, RESULTS Canada volunteers demonstrated their support through bold actions, including publishing over 100 letters to the editor in newspapers across Canada, meeting with dozens of Members of Parliament and Senators to encourage them to take action as Global Fund champions, and even lighting up of famous landmarks across Canada in red to mark World Tuberculosis Day in March.

Investments in the Global Fund are some of the most positive and high-impact contributions that we can make in the health and well-being of people around the world. Since 2002, global investment in the Global Fund has cut the number of annual deaths caused by AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria by a third, saving more than 27 million lives to date. The Global Fund has put a target of $14 Billion (USD) for this year’s replenishment and if it hits that target it stands to save an additional 16 million lives. Beyond lives saved, the Global Fund is a development ‘best-buy’, yielding $19 (USD) in health and economic gains for every dollar invested.

Today’s bold commitment is testament to the fact that when Canadians raise their voices, the result is something we can be proud of.  More mothers will receive medicine to prevent HIV transmission to their babies; more families will receive mosquito nets to protect their loved ones from malaria and more people will receive treatment from drug resistant tuberculosis.

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has impact that reaches far beyond the diseases it was intended to contain.  Disease and illness trap people in poverty, are barriers to education, perpetuate gender inequities, drain income, and push families to the margins – unable to thrive or to contribute fully to their communities.  Today’s increased pledge from Canada is an investment in impact in all its forms and an investment in a stronger future.

We hope that Canada’s increased commitment will also help spur other donors to make ambitious pledges and we look forward to seeing the results at the official pledging conference in Lyon, France, in October 2019.

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