Blaise Cabanban - volunteer spotlight

By: RC Intern Published: 27/05/2021

It’s no secret that our volunteers are amazing! Time after time, they make incredible efforts to get informed and take action to advocate for a world without extreme poverty. We have so much appreciation for the contributions of every single one.

This month, we’re featuring Blaise, a provincial leader who isn’t afraid of a challenge!

Blaise works as a full-time school settlement counselor, which has deepened her understanding of the social economic trends experienced by many minority groups and how positive change can only come from a human-centric approach. Blaise came to Results in Fall 2020 with a passion for human rights, community building, and humanitarian policy. Here’s what she said about choosing Results: 

“This organization confronts the narrative on poverty and actively participates in the recovery process addressing sustainable livelihoods against oppressive systems. Results has been a continual advocate for poverty alleviation which is critical to global development and stability.”

What does a provincial leader do?

Many of our volunteers generously donate more volunteering hours to handle some logistics on top of doing advocacy every month. As a provincial leader, Blaise has taken on a significant role as  the point of contact for several groups. In essence, she makes sure groups can grow sustainably and achieve their goals. No matter what a group leader needs, provincial leaders find a way to support them. Blaise is amazing because she is reliable, jumps into new tasks, and never seems to run out of steam.

“When you’re inspired by the volunteer work you do, you naturally want to build a network that demonstrates a clear message of allyship and inclusion”, she says. “It comes down to how everyone is working collaboratively to ensure all groups’ concerns are addressed, and that there is a sense of fairness and respect within them. ”

One of Blaise’s core values is creating dynamic spaces for all by strengthening diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels:

“I pursue active social dialogue that encompasses progressive journey towards just and safe practices, where everyone is treated equitably and their voices are recognized. The extraordinary work that Results focuses on allows me to engage more on creating inclusive environments and promote poverty eradication initiatives. From identifying structural injustices and other threats to communities, our work has a significant influence in advocating stability and security for those experiencing poverty.”

Here are Blaise’s top tips for someone in a volunteer support role:

  1. Have an open-mind and be respectful: each person you’re dealing with will have a life experience that is quite different from yours. 
  2. Give others a chance to speak: when you encourage others to speak and listen to what their ideas are, you’re promoting a two-way dialogue that generates well-functioning teams and leads to better decision making.
  3. Foster team collaboration: giving your teams an opportunity to engage with other members allows them to fully participate in addressing group challenges and discussions and identifying different ways to take action. This promotes cooperation and trust needed to increase team cohesion.

Blaise has truly been a positive contributor in the Results volunteer network, and you can tell by the fact that her groups are thriving! Her close attention to her groups in Ontario has been indispensable. We cannot wait to see what she achieves next.

So what’s next? 

Blaise has her sights set very high: “I have a strong interest in facilitating a webinar with Canada’s Prime Minister and other Members of Parliament as our guest speakers and have discussions about our country’s global efforts to eliminate poverty. I want to discuss how they work towards building innovative solutions that ensure global solidarity.”

Thank you Blaise for your dedication and passion! Every action you take builds our movement and has positive impacts on global health, education and economic inclusion.

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