Black History Month in Canada

By: RC Intern Published: 22/02/2021

February is Black History Month in Canada. This month shines a spotlight on the dark history of racism in this country and the importance of taking the time to learn and reflect. It pushes us to understand how white supremacy and oppression continue to exist within our social structures and institutions, and to practice anti-racism and anti-oppression while celebrating the beautiful and positive moments in Black history. While February puts an emphasis on learning about anti-racism and Black history, it is crucial to continue taking these actions 12 months of the year in order to truly create a more equitable society.

Results Canada staff, partners, and volunteers all strive to incorporate anti-racism and anti-oppression into our daily lives. And, as an organization working in international development, Results has an additional responsibility.

The history of international development is rooted in colonization and white saviourism, with many communities around the world continuing to suffer the impacts of exploitation at the hands of white countries. As we continue to do this work, we are responsible for understanding our positions of privilege and the history that has created and exacerbated this unbalanced power dynamic. We must actively and intentionally weave anti-oppression into our advocacy to ensure that as we work to eliminate extreme poverty, we are simultaneously striving to eliminate structural and systemic white-supremacy, racism, and inequities.

The following list of resources has been compiled to help you learn and take action. If you haven’t yet, we encourage you to also check out our list of resources from June.

anti-racism resources

RESULTS US Black History Month blog
RESULTS UK Black History Month blog

racism in international development and assistance
How to confront race and racism in international development (article)
A hard look in the mirror: reflecting on racism and whiteness in the development sector (article)
Challenging Colonialism (article)
White Supremacy in Global Health (article)
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: How the Third Sector Can Do Better (article)
Global Health Research Needs a Makeover by Dr. Madhukar Pai (video)
Explain Global Health to Me! (video)
Decolonising aid, again (article)

learning and practicing anti-racism
What does it mean to act as an ally? (article)
An Antiracist Reading List by Ibram X. Kendi (booklist)
Justice in June (website with antiracism resources)
Privilege and Critical Allyship by Stephanie Nixon (PowerPoint)
Documentaries on Racism, White Privilege, Identity, Race, and More (film list)
NFB Antiracism Films (film list)
White Homework (podcast)

Black history
10 Black Canadians Who Played a Big Role in Canadian History (article)
28 Days of Black History (email list)

take action
Black Lives Matter
Black Youth Helpline
Federation of Black Canadians
Color of Change

social media
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