Arjun Patel

By: Melissa Published: 14/12/2019

Arjun is the Regional Leader for Results Canada’s volunteer network in Ontario. Since joining us in July, he has leapt into action! As a recent graduate of McMaster University's MSc Global Health program, Arjun is passionate about global health and international development, with a particular interest in human rights advocacy. He has worked in the public health field in various capacities in Canada, Greece, and India.

When we asked Arjun why he’s motivated to speak up for a world free of poverty, this is what he had to tell us:

“I really like the idea of enacting global change through taking action locally. As Canadians, we are privileged to live in a country that is able to meet the basic needs of most of its citizens. I feel that it is our civic responsibility as global citizens to use our privileged position in the world to address global disparities in poverty, health, and education.”

What’s his advice to people who might be hesitant about getting involved?

“Hesitation can be a good thing, because it means that you want to think a decision through before committing! For that reason, I won't tell you not to hesitate. Instead, I would advise you to research Results Canada's vision, campaigns, and goals. If they fit your vision and goals, then hop on board!”

So glad to have you Arjun! Thank you for committing your time and energy for a world without extreme poverty.

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