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use your voice on social media

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Social media is a quick and easy way to speak up and tell your candidates that you care about Canadian aid. Get public attention and let Canada know that they should continue to be a global leader.

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Twitter is a news-centric platform! 71% of Twitter users get their daily news from Twitter making it a great platform to share and spread your news.

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Politicians are people too! Don’t be afraid to use social media to reach out to them about the issues that are important to you. 94% of online Canadians are on at least 1 social media platform so it makes sense for politicians to be active on social as well.

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Our #CanadiansVote call-to-action highlights the steps you can take to be an effective advocate during this federal election. You are extremely powerful in your ability to influence and inform electoral candidates about the impact of Canadian aid and importance of a just global recovery.  

Many of your local candidates will have social media accounts and will be engaging daily during the election. They want to hear from you directly so reach out to them on the platform they post on the most!  

Explain the importance of Canadian aid and prioritizing a global recovery from the pandemic this election by posting and tagging all your candidates and the party leaders who are running to be the next Prime Minister.  

Remember the election runs for a short time and many important issues will be discussed, so make sure a global recovery is a priority by being active on social media throughout the election.

If you meet with any of the candidates, post about the meeting on your social media. But remember, keep it non-partisan, you never know which candidate will be elected so it is important that you build relationships with them all.  

The ask: As a candidate, will you go on the record in support of increases to Canadian Aid to ensure a just recovery for all? 

You can also instantly let your candidates know that you care by sending the ready-made tweet below. Don't forget to add your candidate's account handle!

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This federal election, candidates must show Canadians that they support an increase in Canadian aid and a just global recovery from the #COVID19 pandemic. #CanadiansVote #elxn44 #cdnpoli #Canada4Results

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If you prefer to write your own tweet or post, use our instructions, tips, and resources below.

1. Familiarize yourself with our current campaign.
2. Connect our campaign, and support your opinion with a newsworthy topic or hook that inspires you. Try these ideas:

3. Login to your profile on social media. If you need help, consult our social media tips for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
4. If your MP, a Minister or the Prime Minister has social media, you can find their details here.
5. Write your post and personalize it so that it’s meaningful to you. Consider these ideas:

  • consult your tools to learn how to use social media powerfully
  • include @ResultsCda in your post so that we can help amplify your voice

6. Hit post and ask your friends to help you spread the word by sharing, commenting and liking.
7. If you belong to a Results group, let your Group Leader know that you took action on social media. If you are not part of a group, consider joining one! Until then, fill out this “actions taken” online form.

read our top tips

  1. Be catchy
  2. Be bold and respectful
  3. Post frequently
  4. Always tag @ResultsCda so that we can help amplify your message. If space allows, include the hashtag #Canada4Results

secret tip

When posting on social media, be genuine and speak from the heart. People want to connect with other human beings online, so be yourself and it'll help you get your message across!

See all our resources to help you use social media, along with key dates, hashtags, tags and keywords found on our campaign page. 

With a very simple action, you can have a very big impact. Together we’re strong and together our voice is louder. This is the great thing about advocacy.

 - Piera, Results Canada volunteer